At this event we will share good practice in relation to the implementation of the document Demonstrating Quality and Outcomes in Psycho-oncology.
Earlier this year, the NSPCC’s ‘It’s Time’ campaign called for significant improvements in therapeutic support for children who have experienced abuse or neglect.
Workshop aims: Increase understanding of the competencies and skills required to become a confident and reflective agent of change.To understand complexities involved in leadership roles and how effective clinical & profe
Pregnant women and new mothers need more expert psychological support across maternity services and mental health settings such as community perinatal teams and inpatient mother and baby units, says a new briefing from the British Psychological Society’s Faculty of Perinatal Psychology.
The aim of this workshop will be to:
Timetable 09:00 Coffee 09:30Welcome and Introductions
A one-day symposium to mark the publication of the British Psychological Society’s new guidance document on the management of disclosures of non-recent (historic) child sexual abuse was held in Oxford this week. The new guidance can be downloaded from this website.
This workshop is designed and delivered in order to enable delegates to better identify, assess and treat sleeping problems in their clients
Depression has been called a "we-disease" because when the dark clouds arrive, it's not just the depressed person who is affected, but all those close to them.
Psychologists offering a clinical service to adults and young people can enhance their practice by incorporating ideas and intervention strategies from positive psychology.
Highly experienced expert witnesses will give practical advice on effective practice to reduce the anxiety of those wishing to consider this vital work.
Solution focused brief therapy offers an effective and efficient approach to helping people find their motivation to achieve better quality of life living with chronic health conditions.
Develop your supervision skills and knowledge to work with groups and teams This workshop will focus on theory and skills in providing supervision and consultation to groups and teams in health and social care settings.
A pragmatic, creative and optimistic approach to working with trauma and dissociation
Horrific experiences often cast a pall over our lives, but for some people it’s worse than others.
Child Abuse is a significant issue which requires practitioners and agencies to work together if those affected are to receive the support and protection that they need. Timetable
During the 1990s, groundbreaking work by psychologists demonstrated that human memory is flexible and vulnerable and that it’s very easy for people to experience “false memories” that feel real, but which are actually a fiction. 
An introduction to MBSP, the cutting edge of positive psychology, the first programme to formally combine mindfulness with psychological strengths development Timetable
A clear and structured introduction to a number of current professional and ethical issues likely to be encountered within psychological practice Timetable
Awareness of the alienation process reduces the risk of unwitting collusion by practitioners, improving outcomes for children & families Timetable
An exploration of Liberation Psychology: in its original context and applied to social problems of the UK today. Timetable
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