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Event information It has been estimated that more than 80% of criminal cases are solved by a confession, and any conviction based on a confession alone is considered to be safe as the law, and juries, assume that a person would not confess
Event information The excitement about the application of mindfulness meditation within a variety of settings has led to the proliferation of literature pervaded by a lack of conceputal and methodological self-criticism. 
Event information The role of testosterone in shaping human behaviour has been both well researched and of great interest to the general public.
Event information This talk will explore the origins of self-knowledge from a bottom-up perspective based, from biology to mind.  I will also discuss how the origins of the mind derive from very early behaviours in the history of anim
Event information We are suffering from a worldwide pandemic of physical inactivity and obesity with recent figures suggesting that approximately 20% of five years old are overweight in the UK.
Event information This is the first in the DCP’s annual inclusivity conferences, which form part of the new inclusivity strategy 2016-18.
Event information In this talk, Dr Kimberley Hill will outline the evidence base for interventions and prevention approaches aimed at reducing excessive alcohol consumption.
Event information Sherlock Holmes, the world’s greatest detective and the creation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, has helped shape society.
Event information This talk will give an overview of the "transfer of training" problem, looking at why, despite our best efforts, training can often fail to change the way we work.
Event information What better way to discover a new world than to map it, to walk it, to discover it, to situate ourselves in it and in doing so become part of it.
Bring a Book…Meet a Psychologist ….Have you got a good, or even a great book connected with the field of psychology that you have enjoyed reading? Or are you just interested to know what other people find interesting to read??...
Event Overview: This workshop will be designed to explore the impact of austerity – cost savings and service cuts – in the NHS.
Speaker Rob Nash is a lecturer in Psychology at Aston University.
Speaker Dr Martin Graffs talk will draw on current empirical studies on online relationships.  It will also cover some of the major research work on the online disinhibition effect, showing that we disclose more perso
Speaker Richard Cooke is a Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology at Aston University. He is interested in how psychological theories can be used to predict health behaviours.
The audience at last year's Psychology4Graduates  
Event Details Emotional Intelligence:  Restoring Integrity through Theoretical Clarification
Service user or carer (or, experts by and with, experience) involvement in clinical psychology event: Showcasing good practice and learning from each other Event Overview: Aims for the day include to:
DCP West Midlands Branch CPD day & AGM  "Adding Value: Leadership and Attachment in the NHS" Timetable & Programme:
A group of science lectures held in pubs across UK cities in May included three nights of psychology and neurobiology talks in Birmingham. The Pint of Science Festival takes place in nine countries and 50 cities across the same three nights, and on the second evening the Birmingham audience heard talks on animals and children.
This exciting interdisciplinary event will appeal to anyone wanting to understand the connections between psychology and disciplines such as sociology, epidemiology, philosophy and cultural studies.
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