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A one-day symposium to mark the publication of the British Psychological Society’s new Sexual Abuse in Childhood Guidelines is being held in Oxford on Tuesday 7 June.
Event information Psychologist in the Pub with Marie McNally
Event information This workshop will introduce you to the different types of publication:
Event information This talk will focus on the relatively recent phenomenon of catfishing.
Event information Daniel Jolley is a Lecturer in Psychology at Staffordshire University. He is interested in the psychology of conspiracy theories, which are blooming in the 21st century.
Event information With Instagram boasting over 200 million users, and Facebook over 1 billion, the rise of social media is hard to avoid.
Event information The BPS West Midlands Branch is excited to announce that their 2-16 Annual Conference will be held at Birmingham City University in the heart of the city.
“We know what we are, but know not what we may be” - Hamlet
Event information There is a long history of debate about biological sex differences and their part in determining gender roles, with the ‘biology is destiny’ mantra being used to legitimise imbalances in these roles.
  Could acting and crime be linked?  Ben Humphrey explores... Set evening meals are available at £5 after the talk.  Orders will be taken on arrival.
Event information Advances in medical technology have led to family structures that were not previously possible; a woman can give birth to, a child who is not genetically related to her.
Event information Episodic tension type head pain (ETTH) affects up to 82% of individuals from time to time (Russel, 2005), making this the most prevalent primary headache disorder when compared with migraine which impacts up to 15% of the
Speaker information Daniel Jolley is a Lecturer in Psychology at Staffordshire University.  He is interested in the psychology of conspiracy theories, which are blooming in the 21st century.  Whilst psychologists
Event information Dr Pelham Carter will discuss some of the similarities and stark differences between online and ‘offline’ research.
Event information It has been estimated that more than 80% of criminal cases are solved by a confession, and any conviction based on a confession alone is considered to be safe as the law, and juries, assume that a person would not confess
Event information The excitement about the application of mindfulness meditation within a variety of settings has led to the proliferation of literature pervaded by a lack of conceputal and methodological self-criticism. 
Join fellow pre and in-training peers, qualified clinicians and experts by experience at the 2016 DCP PQG Annual Conference.
Event information The role of testosterone in shaping human behaviour has been both well researched and of great interest to the general public.
Understanding and Applying Creative Research Methods in Social Sciences Wednesday 6th April 2016 at The Welcome Centre, Coventry
Event information This talk will explore the origins of self-knowledge from a bottom-up perspective based, from biology to mind.  I will also discuss how the origins of the mind derive from very early behaviours in the history of anim
Event information We are suffering from a worldwide pandemic of physical inactivity and obesity with recent figures suggesting that approximately 20% of five years old are overweight in the UK.
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