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End session in the [email protected] seminar series
Interested in a career in psychology?
The last two ‘decades of the brain’ have created a new intellectual blueprint for how we understand the implications of traumatic experience on mind/body/brain connections.
Event information This is an exciting workshop facilitated by Dr Esther Cohen-Tovée & Jenny Taylor, which will cover:
The British Psychological Society’s Wessex Branch is widening the brief for its fifth Military Psychology Conference by seeking papers on stabilisation and peacekeeping.
Event information “The ‘charitable objects’ of the British Psychological Society are: to promote the advancement and diffusion of a knowledge of psychology pure and applied.
Speaker information Robin Dunbar is Professor of Evolutionary Psychology at the University of Oxford, and a Fellow of Magdalen College.
Event information This seminar will focus on psychologists’ roles as spokespersons within debates about marriage as well as psychological research on same-sex couples; and on public opinion about the right to marry another person without r
Event information Mindfulness is a hot topic at the moment and many organisations such as Google and Unilever are offering training to their staff to enhance their creativity, resilience, engagement and general well being to name just a fe
Event information Learning agility is the ability and motivation to learn from experience and apply it in first-time situations.
Event information Fifth in the [email protected] Seminar Series During this Seminar We Will Consider: * What Psychologists know about Work-Life Balance and why “one size doesn’t fit all”.
Event information Third in the [email protected] Seminar Series.  Technology has transformed how we apply psychology to assessment and selection over the last 15 years; but what happens next?
Event information Fourth in the [email protected] Series, this session will show you how techniques drawn from theatrical and comedy improvisation can be applied to improve communication, creativity, teamworking and leadership in the workpla
The British Psychological Society's Wessex Branch and Bournemouth University welcome you to the 2016 Student Conference on Saturday 23 April at Bournemouth University.
Event information Second in the [email protected] Seminar Series. The series will highlight best practice techniques informed by OP theory.
Event information First in the [email protected] Seminar Series. This seminar will show how coaching psychology can improve workplace performance, self-efficacy, and harness neurodiverse creativity.
5th Military Psychology Conference; Defence & Security Fragile States and Global Instability: Responding to the Consequences; Stabilisation and Peacekeeping Wednesday 2 November 2016 at The Ark Conferen
Event information The DCP South East Coast Branch AGM and Annual Conference will be on the topic of 'Preventing Mental Health Problems and Promoting Wellbeing'.
The workshop aims at enabling participants to consider a model for psycho education and self-awareness that could furnish members of military and other families with understanding of resilience, trauma and vulnerability.
Event Overview: This workshop will be designed to explore the impact of austerity – cost savings and service cuts – in the NHS.
The 25th Division of Forensic Psychology Annual Conference (DFP) will be held in 2016 at the Hilton Brighton Metropole Hotel.
Interested in a career in psychology?
Psychologists in the workplace can, through their understanding of people and behaviour, offer meaningful models, theories and practical methods to facilitate the engagement challenges facing sustainability and corporate responsibility professiona
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