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Event information This session from Angela Carter will explore a problem that affects us all; enabling young people to successful move from education to employment.
Event information The talk will give a general introduction into psychological theories behind why we believe in the supernatural.
Event information This presentation will explore the evolving theories of addiction paying special attention to the way in which they impact the user, society’s understanding of addiction and the treatment provided to those
Event information Engineering Psychology and Human Factors Integration are integral to Systems Engineering (SE), since without the user the system is incomplete and there are few, if any emergent properties.
Event information Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is characterised by impairments in social communication and interaction, combined with cognitive-behavioural inflexibility.
Event information The field of personality psychology is concerned with systematic variation between individuals, what causes those differences and how they relate to real-world outcomes.
Event information This talk will explore ways of listening to children and young people, using deep philosophical questions, the aim being to discover inner motivations, wishes, desires, and consequently to enhance learning and life p
Event information This talk will start with a brief personal history and some words about the origins of Psychosexual Medicine.
Six psychologists from the University of Bath, whose research primarily looks into stress and pain, have collaborated on creating an art exhibition in Bath featuring works based around themes in their research.
Event information Graham's career has been spent working both in industry (BAE Systems - formerly British Aerospace) and academia (currently at the University of Gloucestershire).
Event information Andrew will talk about the role of social identity as a mediator between emotion and interaction, taking in bullying and gender roles.   His talk will explore group interpretation of aspects of conflict and disa
Event information Further information coming soon. Registration information This event is free and open to everyone.  There is no need to book so please just turn up on the night.
Speaker information Frederick Toates is Emeritus Professor of Biological Psychology at the Open University and has research interests in motivation.
Event information The University of Portsmouth and Division of Forensic Psychology, BPS present a one day seminar.
Event information Intersectionality offers a tool to discuss and examine social diversity and attempts to capture how different types of discrimination intersect to oppress people in multiple and simultaneous ways. While Int
Event information Research on violence (both the genesis and the reduction of violence) is fraught with practical and ethical difficulties.
Event information Dimitrios will explore how your psychology affects the way you react to the worlkd around you.
Event information What is bullying?  How does it manifest itself? And what can we proactively do to stop bullying happening in the workplace.
Event information We will look at some of the reasons that have given rise to a renewed attention to critical perspectives on mental health and reinvigorated Community Psychology as a field, with a particular emphasis on the idea of the ps
Event information There is much research to link the development of violence with a history of trauma.
Event information Conformity is typically seen as negative, preventing people to step out of the crowd and to take ownership of their views and actions. Yet, recent discoveries in psychology and cognitive neuroscience reveal that the
Event information The discipline of Psychosexual Medicine that has developed in this country since the 1960s is ill understood by the public and some health professionals.
Event information This is an annual event offering final year students from across the region an opportunity to present their dissertation findings to other students.  This is a friendly open environment in which to talk to like-minde
Event Overview: This workshop will be designed to explore the impact of austerity – cost savings and service cuts – in the NHS.
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