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Speakers: Dr Andreas Vossler and Dr Naomi Moller
Speaker: Dr William Simpson (University of Plymouth)
Speaker: Dr Sylvia Terbeck
Speaker: Professor Daryl O’Connor
Speaker: Dr Fred Toates
Yesterday evening Professor Sophie Scott spoke on the science of laughter to a meeting of the British Psychological Society's South West of England Branch at the University of Exeter.
Dr Mary Welford is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist working throughout the UK.
Gregory Bateson, anthropologist, cyberneticist, social scientist and deeply influential thinker on the development of family therapy introduced the concept of metalogues, which he defined as "a conversation about some problematic subject.
Dr Richard Laugharne is a general adult psychiatrist working in the NHS in Cornwall.  He has been an NHS consultant for 16 years and is an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Exeter Medical School.  His researc
Dr Martin Coath Understanding how we hear turns out to be very tricky.
This is an annual event offering final year students from across the region an opportunity to present their dissertation findings to other students.  This is a friendly open environment in which to talk to like-minded individuals, practice pr
Distinguishing developmental trends from historical trends
More than a decade after the death of his first wife, playwright Robert Anderson wrote about her continued place in his life: "I have a new life. . . .
Claire Lane is a Clinical Psychologist with years of relevant experience in research and as a practitioner in Motivational Interviewing. 
Speaker: Dr Ian Walker Travel psychology is everywhere. Moving from place to place is one of the most uniting human experiences, and we all do it pretty much every day.
This talk will outline what laughter is, why we laugh and the uses of laughter.
The summer holiday season is here, so it is time to revisit a piece of research presented at our 2012 Annual Conference.
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