Timetable10:30-12:30 Post-Graduate Workshop 13:15-14:00 AGM: DHP-Scotland Annual General Meeting14:00-17:45 Scientific meeting17:45-19:00 Wine reception Details For more information and full progr
People who speak a second language are less likely to suffer the effects of dementia in early life, the largest study on the topic to date has found. Research by Nizam's Ins
The Special Group of Coaching Psycho
The number of educational psychologists in Scotland is reaching a "tipping point", with too few trainees being recruited to replace existing professionals - up to a quarter of whom may retire within the
At a time when one in seven people in Scotland are prescribed antidepressants, an NHS clinical psychologist has called for a rethink in the way mental health issues are dealt with in the country, ahead of the introduction of the Scottish governmen
The 23rd Division of Forensic Psychology Annual Conference DFP will be held in 2014 at Glasgow Caledonian University.
An increase in the popularity of psychology courses should result in teachers being trained in the subject.
A scheme launched in Scotland is aiming to improve the experiences of dementia patients and their carers in hospital se
Our Division of Clinical Psychology's Faculty for Learning Disabilities is holding an event this week, at the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow, that focuses on the different issues for clinical psychologists working with people with learning disabilities.
Children at risk of self-harm need to be given greater protection by local authorities, a new study has suggested.
The Role of Educational Psychologists in implementing Research-Based Practice For further information regarding this event please click here
Annual Conference for Educational Psychologisits in Scotland (SDEP/ASPEP)
NHS staff in Scotland are to be given the opportunity to voice any concerns they have about industry practices through the setting up of a whistleblower hotline.
Principles used in business coaching could help youngsters gearing up for life after school.
Dispelling myths about self-harm and encouraging better understanding are the aims of a new short film ‘Hurting to heal: exploring self-harm and recovery' funded by the 2012 Society's Public Engagement Grants. 'Hurting to Heal' will premier today at the University of Edinburgh to coincide with International Self-injury Awareness Day.  
How high altitude presents unique challenges for the human body will be discussed by Society member Dr Dominika Dykiert, University of Edinburgh, at the Edinburgh Science Festival, Saturday April 6 at 5:30.
A mixture of workshops and presentations on the importance of body activation in the emotional work of therapy together with the evidence base.
This is a great opportunity for final year students to present their dissertation findings to other students, and for third and fourth years to hear about the research being carried out by their peers around Scotland. 
Dr Rob Jenkins, a Chartered Psychologist from the University of Glasgow's School of Psychology, has been selected for membership of the Global Young Academy (GYA).
A new National Statistics report on the psychology services workforce in NHSScotland has been published.
A minister in the Holyrood government has spoken of the important part that evidence-based psychology interventions will play in implementing Scotland’s new mental health strategy.
Advancing practice - CPD event for clinical psychologists who work with people with Learning Disabilities Programme
New research published in the journal PLoS ONE suggests that humanitarian workers could be at increased
Some police officers are far better than others at recognising people glimpsed in CCTV footage, research presented at a Society Conference today will show.
The Society Cognitive Psychology Section's Annual Conference is taking place this week at the Menzies Hotel, Glasgow.
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