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Psychosocial support should be a key element of health interventions for caregivers of children in HIV-affected communities, particularly for women who take on the majority of care-giving responsibilities.
The United Nations International Day of Tolerance will take place on Sunday, 16 November.
Having a dual ethno-national identification could influence how people feel about taking political action on behalf of minority religious groups, according to a study published in the British Psychological Society's British Journal of Social Psych
Cross-examining child witnesses in court fails to get to the truth, suggests a new study published this week in our Legal and Criminological Psychology journal.  The study, undertaken by Rhiannon Fogliati and Kay Bussey from Macquarie University, Australia, examined the assumption that cross-examination produces a more truthful testimony.
Many people in the US are failing to recognise the need for adequate exercise.
Our qualifications are work based learning designed to enable people to develop and demonstrate the competencies required for practice in the UK.
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