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This workshop reminds us of how supervisors and supervisees develop and how our approach to supervision should be adapted accordingly. The responsibilities of the supervisor are defined.
This workshop provides a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of supervision and aims to facilitate exploration and understanding of what supervision can be. Timetable 09:30 Registration/Tea and Co
This workshop evolved to provide ongoing support for those working as supervisors by providing an open, peer group development forum. Delegates bring their own agendas for further exploration in supervision in groups.
This workshop covers an approach to one-to-one supervision and a method for peer group supervision.
Current research and practice in the psychological and psychosocial aspects of dementia and dementia care are the focus of a free British Psychological Society event in London today.
This evening, at a Society-sponsored event at The Royal Institution (RI) in London, Claudia Hammond will chair an expert panel to discuss the origins of, and issues relating to, sexism and inequality in British society.
Mental health and neuroscience researchers have been invited to an upcoming event focusing on the ways in which the media works when presenting science.
‘The computer in the cave’, to be discussed by Dr Nick Lambert from Birkbeck, University of London, is just one of the subjects in the programme for a symposium on Psychology and the Arts in London today. The event is being organised by our History of Psychology Centre (HOPC).
Inspiration, Innovation and Impact Submiss
To coincide with the UK Work-Life Week the Division of Occupational Psychology’s (DOP) Work-Life Balance Working Group is holding an afternoon seminar on Monday 23 September at the BPS London offices that will showcase assessment tools developed by two leading researchers in the field.
At its conference in Brighton last week our Division of Health Psychology announced the winners of its three major annual awards.
This evening in a Society sponsored event at The Royal Institution, London, Claudia Hammond will chair an expert panel to discuss whether psychologists’ research should be taken more seriously and how psychological research might impact on society when used to develop evidence-based policy. 
To coincide with the UK Work-Life Week the Division of Occupational Psychology’s (DOP) Work-Life Balance Working Group are holding a seminar on Monday 23 September at the BPS London offices. 
On 24 September 2013, at the British Academy in London  Professor Maggie Snowling, President of St. John’s College, Oxford, gave this year’s BPS/BA Lecture under the title ‘Dyslexia: An Impairment of Language Learning’. Professor Snowling is a Fellow of both the British Psychological Society and the British Association.
Standardised cigarette packaging may reduce acute cravings and are associated with less favourable perceptions of appeal, taste, popularity and motivation to buy than branded packs. 
This conference will provide a forum for the discussion of how EPs can keep in the current lead position in VIG training and supervision in the UK. It will be of interest to any Psychologists who are considering taking up Video Interaction
A British Psychological Society funded project that aims to communicate a number of statistical psychological concepts through expressive dance started filming at The Siobhan Davies Dance Studio in London this month. 
We are holding a refreshing, innovative and thought provoking conference that aims to highlight and enhance knowledge around culture, and black and ethnic minority issues for those involved in applied psychology.
The presentations will first be on research findings on childhood experience and attachment models in adolescent behavioural disorders.
Addictions are notoriously difficult to treat and relapse is the norm rather than the exception. This one day CPD event seeks to explore some new directions in the development of CBT in Addiction.
Public Sector austerity cuts and the work life balance agenda: under threat or a burning platform for change? In recent years public sector organizations have led the way in successfully implementing work-life balance policies and other of
The Division of Clinical Psychology Pre-Qualification Group present this introduction to the science of compassion as chosen by its membership in our recent poll.
The third annual history of psychology symposium.  This event is fully booked. 
When it comes to work-life balance, cutting edge employers are beginning to understand the limitations of a "one size fits all" approach.
This event has been cancelled.  A multi-perspective approach to understanding the experiences of minority trainees. 
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