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Stories of how psychological disorders have been treated over the past 250 years are the focus of an ongoing BPS-supported exhibition, Mind Maps: Stories from Psychology, at the Science Museum. 
Using psychological concepts and mindfulness for emotional health, symptoms of physical conditions, workplace stress and absence and for general wellbeing. Psychology and mindfulness.  A thoughtful and effective app
How do we engage clients in groups? How do we develop group skills? How do clients make progress in groups? Includes theory & demonstrations This one day workshop is a
Hoarding Disorder is now recognised as a distinct and separate mental health difficulty. It has had a high profile in media coverage, & great interest from a wide range of people.
Following the success of our first ever Psychology4Graduates event last year we are delighted to invite you to our 2014 event. The event has been designed to highlight the career opportunities available to you as a psychology graduate, wit
Details For more information and full programme details, please see the event website. Booking information Fees: Non members: £48 (£40 +VAT)
Often Clinical and Educational Psychology work alongside each other, this workshop wishes to explore and promote the value of working together.
The role cognitive and behavioural psychologists play in the race to crack the world’s most complex system, the human mind, will be explored in a fully booked Science Museum event today, Wednesday 12 March, at the Dana Centre in London.
Special Group For Independent Practitioners Supporting the needs of independent practitioners to combine competently and ethically their psychological practice with the necessity to develop and maintain a business.
For full details about this event and to book please visit the event website.
To provide an opportunity for postgraduate students to present their research findings to a wider psychologist audience than may usually be possible.
To increase the communication of psychology research findings by outlining the skills required and building up participants’ confidence -  to write up a paper for submission to a refereed psychology journal and to present their findings to an
This workshop aims to provide psychology graduates and those enrolled on clinical training an overview of clinical forensic psychology.  The training will consider how the speciality has evolved over time and widened in terms of the roles and
Learning outcomes and objectives  Recent developments in psychological approaches to distressing psychosis. Develop knowledge of clinical approaches to distressing voices. Greater understand
Conference themes include:
Psychologists are invited to a free session on ‘Introduction to the news media’ run by the Science Media Centre in London from 12:30 to 17:00 on Friday 21 February 2014.
The impact of current psychological research and recent discoveries about how our minds influence our behaviour are two of the topics being discussed at a Science Museum event tonight \(Wednesday 15 January) at the Dana Centre in London. 
The 2014 conference theme is 'The personal and the political in social psychology' .
Skills based learning for psychologists, health visitors, midwives and other healthcare professionals. Timetable 09:00 Registration/Tea and Coffee 09:30 Workshop starts (lunch provided) 16:30 Workshop ends
Details 09:30 Registration10:00 Start16:30 Finish
DCP South East Coast Branch AGM and annual conference For more information please visit the event website. 
This two-day workshop aims to assist those psychologists who often work therapeutically with clients but wish to consider the impact of changes in brain function due to illness (physical-mental) or injury.
This workshop is designed to assist participants in using appreciative coaching skills and strategies in order to help solo business owners to become more focused, more proactive, and better organised. It is highly relevant for coaches who
Current business context requires that we are able to think, behave and make decisions in a systemic way.
The day will cover an introduction to qualitative research methodologies generally and provide an overview of some specific qualitative approaches (for example, Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA), Grounded Theory and Thematic Analysis)
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