Work and Business

People can often be too confident when it comes to what they know, while also underestimating what they do not understand.
Workplace and financial stress can result in people making poor health choices.
Soaring levels of youth unemployment in the UK are causing graduates and school-leavers to suffer feelings of helplessness and loss of control.
Office workers have their least productive moment at 14.55 each day, according to new
Children may be less likely to overeat if their parents are married, new research has suggested.
The prosperity of companies in today's society depends on the level of entrepreneurship felt by employees.
An employee who believes in the mission of the company he or she works for may be more likely to move up within the organisation.
For the penultimate round of the TV show The Apprentice, the competing entrepreneurs must face a series of interviews with a crack team of hardened executives.
Unemployment and living in situations of social adversity are among the main mental disorder contributory factors.
Recently there has been controversy over a psychological test that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has been using with jobseekers.
Bankers, investors, stock market traders and their ilk have been vilified in recent years, in large part because the global financial crisis has been blamed on their allegedly unchecked selfishness and greed.
Consumers choose higher repayments over a shorter period of time on their credit cards when given information about such an approach in their statements. That was the suggestion of new research being presented at our Annual Conference this week.
A creative person can be identified through certain personality traits, new research has suggested.
NHS staff in Scotland are to be given the opportunity to voice any concerns they have about industry practices through the setting up of a whistleblower hotline.
This event is fully booked. Talent Management is not something typically taught in OP programmes, but many of its elements can be found in selection, development, and motivational theories and practices.
Employees could miss out on promotions because they are too shy to push for them.
Work is the main cause of stress for people in the UK, new research has shown.
Tardiness at meetings in one of the biggest unexplored issues in workplace behaviour, according to a team of researchers in the USA.
People returning to work following sick leave are to be given more support.
The styles adopted by male and female leaders tend to be the same.
The European Union is moving towards imposing a cap on bankers' bonuses, reports BBC News.
Principles used in business coaching could help youngsters gearing up for life after school.
People find it more difficult to concentrate when living in a busy city.
People could be less motivated to carry out their duties quickly and efficiently when working from home.
Managers who pass on stress to their employees are negatively impacting the workplace as a result.
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