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A person's mental well-being may suffer if they work too much, new research has shown.
Working fewer hours does not guarantee that an employee will be happier, new research has suggested.
Workers could be kept happy by corresponding anonymously with their bosses.
Conferences only cater for 'corporate peacocks' and play to the strengths of these types of personality only, new research has suggested.
Large open-plan offices have become the norm across modern cities despite a sizeable literature documenting the disadvantages, including increased distraction and diminished worker satisfaction.
The control staff feel over their work can be limited through the uncertainty associated with zero-hour contracts, it has been noted.
Individuals are less likely to purchase a product if it is the only option available.
People who take part in job interviews conducted via video conferencing often come across as less likeable.
Whether or not an applicant would be happy in the job is a key consideration for employers looking to find the right person for a role.
Office work gives people's lives structure, purpose and meaning. That is the argument of Lucy Kellaway, a management columnist at the Financial Times, who has made a new series for BBC Radio 4 on "The Beginnings of the Modern Office".
He's probably the most famous man on the planet, but the problem is there's no chance of exclusivity. Beckham already endorses a string of products from the Emporio Armani fashion label to Burger King.
How a person is treated at work can be impacted by how attractive they are, new research has suggested.
Working in high temperatures can impact an employee's attention span and reduce their cognitive functions.
Public Sector austerity cuts and the work life balance agenda: under threat or a burning platform for change? In recent years public sector organizations have led the way in successfully implementing work-life balance policies and other of
Welcome to the website for our 2014 Annual Conference to be held on 7-9 May in Birmingham at the International Convention Centre (ICC) which is located right in the heart of England'
When it comes to work-life balance, cutting edge employers are beginning to understand the limitations of a "one size fits all" approach.
The course teaches the fundamentals of consultancy and being a consultant through a mixture of theory and practice.
A person's physical environment can impact the likelihood of them taking part in dishonest behaviour, new research has suggested.
The impact that work stress has on a person's health could be countered by leading a better lifestyle.
Multitasking could serve to improve the judgements people make, new research has suggested.
People can often be too confident when it comes to what they know, while also underestimating what they do not understand.
Workplace and financial stress can result in people making poor health choices.
Soaring levels of youth unemployment in the UK are causing graduates and school-leavers to suffer feelings of helplessness and loss of control.
Office workers have their least productive moment at 14.55 each day, according to new
Children may be less likely to overeat if their parents are married, new research has suggested.
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