Work and Business

Many of us like to listen to music while we work.
Overconfidence can sometimes be a dangerous characteristic, new research has suggested.
Bosses should attempt to understand the personalities of their employees in order to improve performance, a new study has suggested.
Dealing with stress at work could be putting women at risk of a serious medical problem.
Heterosexual relationships between a macho male and breadwinner female are not necessarily happy unions, as it has been revealed a woman's high salary might put an emotional strain on an alpha male partner.
Compared to five years ago - before the international financial crisis impacted the global economy - managers are less happy.
Clues to a person's personality provided on Facebook could hamper their chances of employment, new research has suggested.
A person's interests can be a useful indicator of whether or not they are likely to perform well in a job, new
People tend to feel lower job satisfaction once they get married or become a parent.
Women are not being taken seriously when working in hedge funds, new research has suggested.
Employees are more motivated to work because of the promise of reward rather than the possibility of being punished for poor performance.
Work-life stress can have a marked impact on a person's eating habits, new research has suggested.
A study reported on our Research Digest casts new light on the role that masculinity may have played in past and present financial crises.
Couples are happier with their marriage if they commute in the same direction to work, as though it activates the metaphorical sense that they are heading in the same direction.
People may be inclined to quit their job if bullying is prevalent in their working environment.
A member of the British Psychology Society is lending his expertise to an attempt to drive down injury numbers in the rail industry.
Many teachers are highly stressed at work, new research has suggested.
HMRC has developed a series of ‘toolkits’ designed to help you understand and meet your tax obligations. to stay on top of your legal responsibilities you’ll need good record keeping and a clear understanding of the current regulations.
Managers are failing to recognise signs that their employees may be experiencing mental health issues in the workplace, new research has found.
A new study published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, suggests that people may be better at making decisions than they suspect.
There is lower job satisfaction among individuals who hide their true selves in the workplace, new research has suggested.
Everyone talks about work-life balance and a new piece of research reported in HR magazine suggests we may just be getting better at achieving it. A survey of 16,000 professionals from more than 80 countries has shown encourging results.
Frustration often causes people to grin, a new study has suggested.
People in the UK may be becoming more impatient when queuing up, it has been suggested.
Stress is a primary factor behind increasing levels of long-term absence from the workplace in the UK.
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