Intimate partner violence may be more likely to occur in relationships where both individuals are in employment.
Systematic assessment of the risk of harm to self and others is now generally accepted to be a crucial component in the effective management of individuals with a history of harmful behaviour.  Using the method of structured professional judg
Young children can be aggressive for different reasons, new research has shown.
The exhaustive analysis in Steven Pinker's latest book shows that we are living in the most peaceable age for thousands of years.
The 22nd Division of Forensic Psychology Annual Conference will be held in 2013 at Queens University Belfast.  We are very excited to hold this event for the first time in Northern Ireland and it will be our pleasure to welcome you to this wo
People who cooperate when playing violent video games are unlikely to act aggressively as a result of becoming immersed in the titles.
A link between aggression and media violence has been suggested by a new study.
Sufferers of domestic abuse within Asian society may be enduring the ordeal of living with a violent relative in silence.
Young people exposed to violence in the community may experience long-term negative health consequences as a result.
Media violence does have an effect on children’s behaviour and a concerted public health response involving parents, professionals, the media and policymakers is needed to reduce its effects.
Whenever a major televised football tournament takes place, there are suggestions in the media that it may lead to an increase in domestic violence.
Violence in men can be explained by traditional theories of sexual selection.
Athletics coaches can play an important role in discouraging violence in teenage relationships, new research has suggested.
Males often react in a more aggressive manner than their female counterparts when feeling stressed, new research has suggested.
People who are involved in a violent relationship may be more likely to have trouble forming an effective parenting team.
People who win an event may be more likely to act aggressively towards the people they have defeated rather than the other way round.
Positive family and peer relationships could serve to reduce physical aggression in young people.
Getting it wrong about the riots: why the official explanations and policy responses will only make things worse, a free Public Lecture by Professor Steve Reicher, a So
Violence suffered in teenage relationships often occurs alongside other forms of abuse.
A new support network for young victims of gang abuse is to be set up after funding for the initiative was confirmed.
Some people are more likely to turn violent when drunk because of one particular personality trait, new research has found.
The National Health Service has been consulting psychologists in an attempt to find inexpensive ways of reducing the likelihood that patients will lose their temper in accident and emergency (A&E) departments.
Sunday saw the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attack on New York and Washington in which almost 3000 people died. British psychologists have been talking about the effect of this anniversary and of the atrocities themselves.
Exchange research, learn about latest developments, engage with peers, meet with old colleagues, develop your skills and network at social events
Dr Roderick Orner, a Fellow of the British Psychological Society and Chartered Psychologist, is in Norway at present. We spoke to him about the country’s reaction to last week’s atrocities.
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