Music therapy has the ability to speak to patients in a way that words cannot, it has been suggested.
Exercise is known to be good for people with mental health problems, yet taking part in elite sport poses unique challenges to athletes’ mental health. That was the paradox discussed at a roundtable on sport and mental health that took place between four Chartered Psychologists at the Society’s Annual Conference in London, in April. The roundtable was chaired Emeritus Professor Ken Brown, Chair of the Society’s Standing Conference Committee.
Psychological treatments such as cognitive therapy (CT) can be effective when combating early warning signs that may lead to psychosis or scizophrenia.
The controversial topic of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is in the news again following the publilcation of a new study by a team of clinicians and scientists from the University of Aberdeen.
Being referred to art therapy may not prove beneficial for schizophrenia sufferers.
The Welsh Government is to continue to provide further support for service personnel who face post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a debate held in the Welsh Assembly last week has confirmed.
The Society has welcomed today's announcement that an extra £22m is to be spent on mental health services for childr
You've probably seen on the news, after a disaster, the announcement that trained counsellors will be on hand as a matter of routine. Or you used to.
A novel service that allows people to phone a therapist at a time and place convenient for them in order to get advice about common problems such as anxiety and depression is being discussed today at the
People with diagnoses such as psychosis, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder frequently have experiences that are not shared by others. For example, they may hear voices or have unusual beliefs.
Symptoms of depression in teens with juvenile fibromyalgia can be reduced through psychological intervention, new research has indicated.
Increasing numbers of people are requiring medication, counselling and therapeutic treatments to help them tackle stress and anxiety, one doctor has told the Guardian.
The father of the late singer Amy Winehouse says there should be more support available for young people who are battling addictions.
People who take antidepressants could be more likely to experience episodes of major depression in later life than those who use no medication whatsoever.
A Society report described as “fascinating” by Stephen Fry on Twitter is available as a free download.
Most of us are looking forward eagerly to our summer holidays, but the prospect of jetting off fills some people with fear. Around 15 per cent of the population is thought to be afraid of flying, but the good news is that clinical psychology has the tools to help them.
Dr David Smail has written an obituary of his fellow clinical psychologist Professor Miller Mair for the Scotsman. He writes:
A book by Dr John Marzillier, a Fellow of the British Psychological Society and Chartered Psychologist, has been shortlisted for Mind’s 2011 Book of the Year Award.
The Royal College of Psychiatrists has said that access to psychological therapies in hospital wards "falls far short of acceptable standards" in new report.
This practical workshop is designed as an introduction to the Method of Levels, a cognitive therapy based on Perceptual Control Theory (PCT).
Activating Personal Resources in Long Term Conditions Neurological & Experiential Perspectives In long term conditions, where short term solutions are not an option, clinicians from a range of specialities are working to acti
This workshop follows on from Dr Andrew Harkin’s 12 April workshop on the central role of the body in trauma treatment.
The government is investing funds in an effort to expand access to psychological therapies to children and young people, a written answer from the House of Commons has shown.
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