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Glasgow is to play host to a conference between a group of specialists in the field of psychology of the elderly.
The Society received a response from the Right Honourable Andrew Lansley MP, Secretary of State for Health, to a letter sent regarding the inclusion of mental health issues and disorders in the global agenda for non-communicable diseases.
In the early hours of Saturday 11 June the BPS Research Digest received its two millionth visitor since counting began in June 2005 (the blog launched in February that year with a posting on
This page gives you information about the Society's flagship events. Annual Conference The Society's Annual Conference attracts academics, researchers and
BPS Conferences offer a wide range of services to ensure that your event is a success.
The Society hosts over 100 events including conferences, lectures and workshops. Over 5000 delegates from a ra
A meeting in Belfast is set to attract some of the country's leading clinical psychologists..
Members of the Society will be aware that sadly our President-Elect, Professor Noel Sheehy, passed away last month.This is sad news for all his friends and colleagues, but most of all our thoughts are with his family. Many members are paying tribute to Noel as a friend, colleague and mentor. You can add your tribute. Although this is a difficult time, the Society still has to attend to constitutional issues.
A number of films have received support from the British Psychological Society (BPS). The 40 movies have been made with a public engagement grant from the BPS.
A new report on obesity published by the British Psychological Society has highlighted the added value psychological and therapeutic approaches can provide when integrated effectively in obesity treatments. Chartered Psychologist Dr Julie Waumsley, Chair of the working group, explained: “This comprehensive report offers new insights to help individuals struggling with weight problems and plug gaps not filled by current obesity interventions.”
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Everyone involved with the British Psychological Society is saddened by the death of Professor Noel Sheehy, the Society’s President-Elect.
The British Psychological Society is running a public engagement grant scheme - and it has announced that the funding for the 2011 initiative has been increased.
Professor John Morton OBE has been elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society. He is one of 44 new Fellows and eight new Foreign Members chosen by the organisation for such distinction in 2011.
Two psychologists are to share the 2010 Outstanding Doctoral Research award, presented by the British Psychological Society's Research Board.
The Psychologist is the monthly pub
How physical activity can improve children's and adult's psychological well-being has been explored at the British Psychological Society's Annual Conference in Glasgow.
Altering the layout of furniture in living areas in a care home can positively influence activity and social interactions in residents with dementia.
New school buildings are viewed by students and staff much more positively than older buildings and contribute to reducing negative behaviour, increasing student self-esteem and encouraging students to engage more with school.
Quarterlife crises can be good for you.
Playing football video games induces stronger emotional and physical responses than playing violent video games.
Strenuous exercise may be unpleasant at the time but once you have recovered it leads to improvements in mood compared to less strenuous exercise.
This page contains information about vacancies in the Society's administrative offices. For information about jobs specifically for psychologists, see our Psychologist Appointments website.
Memory does not work like a video tape, but is rather constructive and reconstructive, an expert has said.
People who swear infrequently may find that using foul language helps to relieve pain, new research suggests.Dr Richard Stephens and Claudia Umland of Keele University found, however, that those who use such words regularly will not feel the benef
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