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Twenty-one psychologists were honoured by the British Psychological Society at an awards ceremony held last week as part of its annual conference in Birmingham. The full list of winners:
Professor Dorothy Miell from the University of Edinburgh began her one-year term as President of the British Psychological Society at the Society’s Annual General Meeting last week.  The AGM took place during the Society’s Annual Conference in Birmingham.
A new series of behaviour-based briefing notes for policymakers, inculding one on tax compliance, was launched by the British Psychological Society last week as part of its annual conference in Birmingham.
Anxiety about a competitive situation makes even the most physically active more likely to slip-up suggests a study presented today at the British Psychological Society annual conference in Birmingham.
Anticipation is building ahead of the British Psychological Society's annual conference, which takes place from tomorrow (7 May) until 9 May at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham.
The centenary of the First World War provides the Society with an opportunity t
Our use of laughter and swearing as forms of emotional expression are two of the topics featured in a new BPS series of audio interviews with prominent psychologists.
This month marks the fifth birthday of the British Psychological Society’s Learning Centre. This service provides learning, continuing professional development (CPD) and support for psychologists, and those working in related fields. 
Employees who engage in creative hobbies during their free time could perform better at work than those who do not, according to new research.
Children learn and understand the meaning of verbs when shown a variety of similar actions, rather than the same action repeatedly suggests research published this week in the British Journal of Developmental Psychology.
The Society's 2014 Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held at 1.45pm on Thursday 8 May during our Annual Conference at the International Convention Centre, Birmingham.
Teenagers who are struggling with depression could find a lifeline in the form of a new smartphone app developed in New Zealand.
Six psychologists have been elected as Academicians of the Academy of Social Sciences (AcSS) after being nominated for the honour by the Society. They are:
University of Glasgow (UoG) chair of health psychology Professor Rory O'Connor has been awarded status of Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences (AcSS).
MindEd, a new website to give adults the knowledge and confidence to identify and understand children and young people with mental health problems, launches today at a Westminster conference.
The Society’s accreditation process is open to all UK education providers and covers both provision that is delivered in the UK, and courses that are primarily or entirely outside of the UK.
A new system for accreditation of psychological therapy services is being developed in partnership between the British Psychological Society and The Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPsych).
The second fortnightly Psychology FM broadcast goes out on the Manchester radio station ALL FM on Wednesday 19 February at 11am and will look at neuropsychology.
The role cognitive and behavioural psychologists play in the race to crack the world’s most complex system, the human mind, will be explored in a fully booked Science Museum event today, Wednesday 12 March, at the Dana Centre in London.
Our Scottish Branch - Meur Albannach in Gaelic - is holding its Annual General Meeting and a scientific meeting at the Surgeons’ Hall, Edinburgh, on Friday 14 February. The day will also see the AGMs of the Scottish branches of two Society Divisions.
The British Psychological Society has grants of £1500-£3000 available to support any of our Member Networks to convene a symposium at an international conference.
The British Psychological Society 2013 Public Engagement and Media Award has been given to Chartered Psychologist and BPS Fellow Professor Bruce Hood from the University of Bristol. 
Mental Health Europe (MHE) has launched a new website to showcase its work and achievements. The organisation’s mission is to uphold the mental health and well-being of all citizens, from all minority groups and from the whole of Europe.
Throughout the year the British Psychological Society supports, partners or attends events that are led by other organisations.   This article details some of those this year but is not exhaustive. Follow BPS Official on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with the latest Society events. 
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