Morale in the workplace can be improved by allowing employees to take part in work-sponsored internal social networking sites.
Using global positioning systems (GPS) could prove of benefit to people diagnosed with dementia.
The Society’s Research Digest blog, edited by Dr Christian Jarrett, now broke the 25,000-follower barrier on Twitter this week and is also ju
Say you wanted your Facebook pic or Twitter avatar to convey to the world that you have a particular personality type, different from how you really are, would you be able to pose in a such a way to achieve this?
Two psychologists from Cambridgeshire, in partnership with Cambridge University, have developed an app for the iPad and iPhone to help children learn to read.
With over a billion users worldwide, Facebook has become a fundamental part of social life.
We used to rely on word-of-mouth or expert critics to help us choose our purchases, be that a planned holiday or a movie rental.
There's all sorts of alarmist talk in the media about people becoming addicted to their mobile phones, especially youngsters.
Teenagers are provided with a sense of belonging by using their mobile phones and visiting social networking websites.
Women are more likely to express their feelings through emoticons in text messages than their male counterparts.
A limit should be placed on the amount of time a child spends in front of screens, it has been suggested.
Sports journalists may show more bias on social media sites than they do in their newspaper reports.
New research published in the Journal of Communication suggests that children may learn about gossiping and friend manipulation by watching television sh
The Society’s Raising awareness of adult autism courses have been shortlisted for the 2012 E-Learning Awards in the category of ‘Excellence in the production of learning content - not for profit sector’.
People are using social network sites to check up on the activities of their former partners, new research has found.
You sit down for a chat with a new acquaintance but before you're even started they've placed their phone carefully on the table in front of them. Why? Are they waiting for a call? Do they just enjoy marvelling at its chic plastic beauty?
People who cooperate when playing violent video games are unlikely to act aggressively as a result of becoming immersed in the titles.
People who play on games consoles like the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox-Kinect are more likely to want to take more exercise, and just watching others play can encourage you to take exercise too.
Time spent on social networking sites comes at the expense of other activities – including physical activity.
Research published in the journal The Information Society suggests that people do not dislike the information overload they have to contend with
Addiction to the internet may be a real problem and not simply a figment of a person's imagination.
A link between aggression and media violence has been suggested by a new study.
If you're planning on flying any time soon, you may not want to follow this link.
There is no connection between depression and social network sites, new research has suggested.
Men and women are using the internet for different reasons, a new study has found.
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