A link between aggression and media violence has been suggested by a new study.
If you're planning on flying any time soon, you may not want to follow this link.
There is no connection between depression and social network sites, new research has suggested.
Men and women are using the internet for different reasons, a new study has found.
Reading and writing blogs can help relieve stress in new mothers, new research has suggested.
There were scenes of great joy at Cern (European Organisation for Nuclear Research) after scientists reporting from the Large Hadron Collider announced a significant breakthrough.
Top Olympic athletes are using a new sports psychology mobile app developed by US Track and Field Sports Psychologist Dr Steve Portenga.
Young people often take a passive approach with regard to their involvement in social media.
Facebook and other social networking sites make people feel good about themselves, new research has suggested, but a British psychologist is sceptical.
People wish to stay in contact with their friends and families even when they are thousands of miles away on holiday.
Children who experience social anxiety may be able to overcome their fears with the help of avatar simulation, new research has found.
The wearing of face veils (the niqab) by Muslim women has become a politically sensitive issue in recent years.
A person's motivation to exercise can be significantly boosted thanks to the help of a virtual partner.
What kind of profile picture do you have on Facebook? Is it a close-up shot of your lovely face with little background visible? Or is it zoomed out, so that you appear against a wider context?
This time a year ago the button was pressed to launch the Society’s redesigned website. 
Are social media like Twitter and Facebook changing the way we complain when we have received poor service from a company?
Mobile phone users can be surprisingly truthful when sending messages, new research has suggested.
A number of similarities have been found between addiction to Facebook and alcohol dependence.
People who are excluded online can feel just as bad as those who are left out in real life.
Young people often feel lost without their mobile phones, with many finding the prospect of going without their handset unbearable.
The dynamics of traditional bullying and cyberbullying are not the same, new research has found.
Free online resources for academics and students wanting to develop skills in qualitative research will be demonstrated at the British Psychological Society’s Annual Conference in London on Thursday 19 April 2012.
Dr Emma Short C Psychol took part in the BBC3 programme The Anti-Social Network on Monday 19 March.
Although some research has suggested a link between violent video games and aggression, causation cannot be proved, says Impacts of Video Games - a b
'Cyberloafing' means frittering away work time on an unrelated online activity, whether it be web comics, perusing news sites or watching the 1982 snooker championship final.
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