There is a link between stress and lower life expectancy, new research has suggested.
Many people feel stress when caring for relatives with conditions such as dementia, and yoga can play an important role in relieving that stress, new researc
Anger is often made worse by misguided folk wisdom that says it's a good idea to reflect on your feelings and vent them. In fact, past research has shown that ruminating and venting anger make it worse.
Policemen and women are at greater risk of experiencing mental health problems as a result of daily psychological stress than those pursuing other careers.
Stress felt by expectant mothers during pregnancy can have significant implications for the well-being of the child.
Many teachers are highly stressed at work, new research has suggested.
Stress is a primary factor behind increasing levels of long-term absence from the workplace in the UK.
Men could become more social when suffering from stress according to new research published in Psychological Science.
Athletes who have attended previous major international sports events will have experienced similar pressure, but outside the emotional cauldron of an Olympic stadium the pressure is hard to imagine and probably impossible to replicate.
Stress can serve as a trigger for symptoms of epilepsy, new research has suggested.
Times of recession see work-related stress levels rise significantly.
Having dogs in the workplace can serve to reduce stress levels among employees, new research has indicated. A study published in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management has found that job satisfaction goes up in businesses where dogs are allowed.
New funding has been announced for the Combat Stress helpline in a bid to help reduce stigma regarding mental health issues in the armed forces.
People may become more emotionally exhausted if they feel the need to remain in a job out of a sense of obligation, new research has suggested.
Prolonged stress felt in childhood can have consequences that last a lifetime.
A person's memory could be negatively impacted as a result of repeated stress, new research has found.
Males often react in a more aggressive manner than their female counterparts when feeling stressed, new research has suggested.
The Welsh Government is to continue to provide further support for service personnel who face post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a debate held in the Welsh Assembly last week has confirmed.
Does stress serve to alter the way in which people make decisions?
Stress plays an important role in depression, new research has suggested.
One in four workers experience work-related stress in times of recession - and work-related stress increases by 40 per cent overall, according to new research.
Stress can affect people in different ways, with such feelings caused by a number of various factors.
People who provide care to individuals with mild cognitive impairment may find their own stress levels are increased as a result.
Repetitive behaviour in general is used by people as a way to induce calm and reduce stress, new research has shown.
Being out of work for a long period of time could trigger mental health problems such as depression.
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