Giving armed forces personnel training in mindfulness techniques could help them to prepare for and recover from stressful combat situations, according to a new study.
The ambulance service could be risking breakdown if officials do not take better care of paramedics, a new report from the trade union Unison
Introducing programmes to help children beat examination anxiety could be an effective way of reducing their stress and angst levels more generally, according to a new study
Young people could tackle stress by spending time looking after horses, a new study has discovered.
A child's immune system can be negatively affected if they are brought up in a stressful environment, a new study has revealed.
The mental health of UK soldiers is stronger than that of their peers from the US, according to new research from King's College London (KCL).
New research has discovered that high levels of the stress hormone cortisol being experienced by bankers and fund managers coul
It is a prerequisite of their job that nurses are compassionate and caring towards patients.
The latest version of the American Psychiatric Association's (APA) controversial diagnostic code - "the DSM-5" - continues the check-list approach used in previous editions.
A British Journal of Surgery podcast has touched on the psychological effects on surgeons when things go wrong in the operating theatre.
Mindfulness can play a role in helping to combat stress and depression in schoolchildren, new research has found.
The stress of juggling different aspects of life can be relieved through the use of avoidance strategies.
The stress former smokers feel following a major disaster could cause them to take up the habit once again.
A person's perception of the effect stress has on their health may influence the likelihood of them suffering a heart attack, new research has suggested.
People who feel stressed may find it beneficial to reach out to others.
The impact that work stress has on a person's health could be countered by leading a better lifestyle.
In sport, the next time you're faced with a high-pressure situation, try squeezing your left fist tight for 30 seconds.
The LIFEMATTERS HP-V program is a set of tools to help healthcare professionals in training and in practice learn how to enhance wellbeing and self-care.  Details Provisional timetable
Workplace and financial stress can result in people making poor health choices.
At least half of patients diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) also suffer from depression.
New findings published in Annals of Behavioral Medicine suggest that internet-based stress management (ISM) programmes are effective in reducing stre
Cardiovascular disease could be triggered by workplace stress, new research has suggested.
A person's long-term mental health is impacted by their emotional responses to the stresses of daily life, new research has
Football referees are able to cope with the pressures of their role thanks to a belief that they are better at the job than their colleagues, new research has suggested.
Marital conflict can serve as a significant source of stress for young people, new research has found.
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