When men are aggressive towards women, their behaviour is often driven by the feeling that their masculinity has been threatened.
Over 65 per cent of women are believed to have done it at least once in their lives. Magazines, TV shows and self-help books all talk about it. It features in one of the most memorable movie scenes ever.  What am I talking about?
If your partner’s undergoing a lower limb amputation (LLA) it is likely sex would be the last thing on your mind. You would, however, be preoccupied with the recovery and wellbeing of your partner or spouse.
A study into how people perceive masculinity has revealed prejudices exist in society today.  
Leading UK psychological professions, including the British Psychological Society, and lesbian, gay and bisexual charity Stonewall, have published a consensus
HIV patients who are experiencing low moods may be more likely to engage in risky sexual behaviour than their counterparts with better levels of wellbeing, a new
Welcome to the faculty for HIV and Sexual Health website. The HIV and Sexual Health Faculty provides a forum for psychologists, and other professionals working in the area of HIV and sexual health, to discuss common issues, and to promote
New research has revealed that many teachers are becoming increasingly concerned about the sexualisation of children, with a growing number of their pupils displaying behaviour that they view as inappropriate.
After looking at sexually arousing images, men, but not women, become more impatient for financial rewards and more willing to take financial risks.
For people with synaesthesia, stimulation of one sense - or in some cases just thinking of a particular concept - triggers another kind of sensory experience.
The British Psychological Society is endorsing new guidelines for the assessment and treatment of adults with gender dysphoria that have been publishe
Dr Martin Milton, who was one of the winners of the British Psychological Society Award for Promoting Equality of Opportunity
Having casual sex can be negatively associated with well-being, new research has suggested.
Conference theme: Sexuality & Identity in Older People
A British Chartered Psychologist gave a prestigious award lecture in New York this week.
The Society published a position statement today, 15 January 2013,  that opposes any psychological, psychotherapeutic or counselling treatments or interventions (often referred to as ‘reparative’ or ‘conversion’ therapies) that view same
This workshop will explore current national and international research and practice on preventing sexual violence.
Two undergraduates have won prizes for psychological projects involving qualitative methods.
The lack of a bisexual community could be negatively impacting the health of men attracted to both males and females.
Athletics coaches can play an important role in discouraging violence in teenage relationships, new research has suggested.
Fertility is a major worry among women who are attempting to get pregnant - but these concerns are not shared to the same level by their male counterparts.
The Society’s Professional Practice Board have today published their
Young women who binge drink may become less likely to choose to engage in safe sexual practices, new findings have suggested.
Sexual health teams offering advice to young people should also impart knowledge regarding the dangers of alcohol.
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