Self Harm

University of Glasgow (UoG) chair of health psychology Professor Rory O'Connor has been named Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences (AcSS).
A groundbreaking new project between Bristol University and the Samaritans is to assess the role of the internet in affecting people with suicidal thoughts.
Special Group For Independent Practitioners Supporting the needs of independent practitioners to combine competently and ethically their psychological practice with the necessity to develop and maintain a business.
When you ask people what is morally wrong with suicide, they usually refer to the harm caused to the deceased's family and friends, and to the victim themselves.
A new National Suicide Prevention Alliance (NSPA), aimed at reducing the number of suicides in England and improving support for those affected by suicide, has been launched.
Today, Friday 17 January, a consensus statement on information sharing and suicide prevention has been pu
A disturbing new study has revealed that thousands of young people could be at risk of suicide because they feel they have nothing going for them.
A new study has indicated that people who are released from prison may need more psychological help when it comes to dealing with mental health issues and their transit
The number of teenagers deliberately hurting themselves is on the increase.
In 2010 more people died by suicide than were killed in war, by murder, or in natural disasters.
Those with migraine are twice as likely to suffer from depression, according to new research conducted by a team from the University of Toronto and published in the online version of t
New research is to take a closer look at self-harm among young people in care.
A rise in suicide rates in Europe and the Americas may be linked to the global economic crisis.
A person who exercises regularly as a young person may be at a reduced risk of suicidal behaviour when they get older.
Young women who have eating disorders may be at greater risk of attempting suicide.
Around 289 people in Northern Ireland take their own lives each year, and men from low socio-economic backgrounds living in deprived areas can be up to ten times more likely to die by suicide than men from high socio-economic backgrounds living in
Among the various risk factors for suicide, psychologists have recognised for some time that a person's occupation plays an important part.
Children at risk of self-harm need to be given greater protection by local authorities, a new study has suggested.
Many factors can be the cause of suicide-related behaviour among young people, new research has found.
A short film ‘Hurting to hea
An increasing number of young people in the UK are choosing to deliberately hurt themselves.
Dispelling myths about self-harm and encouraging better understanding are the aims of a new short film ‘Hurting to heal: exploring self-harm and recovery' funded by the 2012 Society's Public Engagement Grants. 'Hurting to Heal' will premier today at the University of Edinburgh to coincide with International Self-injury Awareness Day.  
Two psychologists were intereviewed on this morning's editon of the BBC Radio 4 Today programme.
The number of men committing suicide in the UK is on the increase, new figures have shown.
A young person may be more likely to attempt suicide within two years of a parent trying to take their own life, new research has suggested.
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