People who find their partners online are more likely to have a happier and longer marriage than couples who tie the knot through traditional means.
Never mind the sleepless nights and domestic disarray, new fathers think they're hot stuff.
A child's emotional and behavioural problems may be impacted differently depending on how they understand conflicts between their parents.
Teenage couples often break up despite handling their disagreements, unlike older partners who become happier in their relationship after resolving conflicts.
Men exist at a greater distance from their closest relationships than women tend to.
Around 1 in 7500 otherwise healthy people are born with no sense of smell, a condition known as isolated congenital anosmia (ICA).
People who are married may overestimate how healthy they really are, new research has shown.
Men are less likely than women to enjoy the support of a network of friends following the breakdown of a relationship.
It is not essential for partners to feel close to one another for their relationship to flourish, new research has suggested.
Any efforts to tackle the problem of online dating scams should take the emotional state of the person being conned into account.
People show affection for their partners in many different ways, new research has found.
Young adults are successfully maintaining a healthy balance of personal and electronic social networking.
Do men judge the strength of rivals based on their dance moves?
Enjoying a positive family life during teen years could be connected to the relationship those adolescents experience when they reach adulthood.
Young people tend to have traditional views when it comes to marriage, new research has shown.
Powerful people are better at dealing with mild rejection than those further down in the pecking order.
The emotional support people receive within a marriage could play a role in helping them survive for longer.
Teenagers are more likely to experience emotional and substance abuse problems as a consequence of being in an abusive relationship.
Young people are surprisingly eager to tie the knot and settle down.
It may do more harm than good for people to write down their feelings following a break-up, new research has found.
A person's individual preferences can play a key role in whether or not they are successful when speed dating.
Traditional relationship patterns are being altered as more women continue their higher educational studies.
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The course will begin with an introduction to the science of sleep and then go on to described the various types of insomnia, backed up by use of case examples; before introducing a range of assessment and treatment options.
Leadership of Psychological therapy services, teams and departments has never been more important, yet many in the Applied Psychology professions believe their core training leaves them ill-equipped for the challenge.
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