New research published in the journal PLoS ONE suggests that men are more attracted to bigger women when they find themselves i
Teeth may act as a form of human ornament display that signals mate quality to others, new research has suggested.
They were virtually unheard of for most of human history, but today, in many cultures, friendships between men and women are common place. Still, that niggling doubt never seems to go away - is the relationship really entirely platonic?
Couples are happier with their marriage if they commute in the same direction to work, as though it activates the metaphorical sense that they are heading in the same direction.
Getting married could go some way to ensuring people stay happy as they age.
The oft-asked question of why some women go for bad boys has been answered by procreation means.
In an economic recession women show a preference for less dominant men who describe themselves as 'natural followers'.
Not all friendships dissolve once one person reveals he or she fancies the other, only for this feeling not to be reciprocated.
Husbands and wives who feel stressed about work might find such pressure has a negative impact on their home life, but receiving strong support from a loved one can have a number of positive benefits.
Violence suffered in teenage relationships often occurs alongside other forms of abuse.
Couples in the UK provide each other with vital positive emotional support, it has been revealed.
Cohabiting couples often experience higher levels of happiness and self-esteem than those who are married.
It appears romance is not just for the young this Valentine's Day, as new research has found people over the age of 60 represent the fastest-growing demographic of online dater
Women talk about their pets more than their partner, new research has shown.
Forming close friendships can bring both psychological and physiological benefits, new research has suggested.
Divorce damages a person's wellbeing more when experienced at a younger age, new research has suggested.
The ability of how well a person is able to maintain friendships may be partly dependent on their brain size.
Men put on their best behaviour when attractive ladies are close by. If the scenario is reversed however, the behaviour of women remains the same.
Men become increasingly competitive when there are fewer women around, new research has found.
New research shows that couples who do similar jobs are likely to experience more problems balancing their work and their home lives than those in different occupations, working longer hours and being more committed to their jobs.
Unconscious preferences play an important role when it comes to romantic attraction.
A man who is interested in a certain woman often overestimates the signals she is sending back to him, new research has shown.
People often change their romantic preferences once they meet a prospective partner in person, new research has found.
Couples who have considerable sums of cash and are materialistic in their outlook may be more likely to argue when compared with those less well-off.
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