Although it might seem a good idea to work with other people to remember important information, the evidence suggests that this typically isn't so.
Females believe other women are more sexually receptive when they are dressed in red, according to a new study. 
When talking to a woman they are attracted to, men alter the cadence of their voice, a new study has f
A willingness to take risks enhances men's sex appeal. This much we know from past research. What's not clear is whether this is because of cultural beliefs about traditional gender roles or if it's an evolutionary hang-over (or perhaps both).
Friendships between heterosexual men and women can be tricky to navigate, especially when it comes to tactile contact. Is that touch on the arm a gesture of platonic care and affection? Or an unwanted signal of sexual interest?
Parental alienation – a child’s unwarranted rejection of one parent and strong alignment with the other following high conflict family breakdown – leaves the alienated parent feeling powerless.  Despite recognition in recent high court judgem
"Cool kids", according to a new study, are those early teens (aged 13 to 15) who want to be popular, and try to impress their peers by acting older than their years.
People who constantly worry about their relationship and whether their partner loves them could be experiencing a condition known as relationship obsessive compulsive disorder (ROCD) - and it may contribute to an eventual break-up, according to ne
Couples who feel satisfied with their marriage may be more likely to sleep soundly than those who go to bed each night with unresolved issues, a new study has suggested.
Young adults who enter into romantic relationships could experience a positive effect on their personality and consequently their view on life, new
Regular use of social networking site Twitter could have a damaging effect on couples' relationships, according to new research.
Living in a household that contains a child's grandparents as well as its parents could raise the risk of the mother experiencing depression within a year after giving birth, according to a new study.
Campaigners are urging the Government to criminalise types of psychological abuse to save more victims of domestic violence.
Leading UK psychological professions, including the British Psychological Society, and lesbian, gay and bisexual charity Stonewall, have published a consensus
Having friends from different ethnic groups is likely to be more beneficial for children than mixing solely in the same racial circles says research from the British Psychological Society's British Journal of Developmental Psychology.
A husband's emotional regulation has "little or no bearing" on long-term marital satisfaction, a new study has revealed.
Men with masculine voices attract women, especially for shorter-term relationships.
Older adults are able to tell their partner's mood even when they are not present, thanks to the use of acquired knowledge.
World Cup football could be a risk factor for domestic violence, new research has indicated.
Men and women may experience cooperation differently from an emotional perspective, new research has suggested.
Elderly people are now able to combat loneliness by developing new friendships online.
Dr Martin Milton, who was one of the winners of the British Psychological Society Award for Promoting Equality of Opportunity
Couples who argue about financial matters may be more likely to get a divorce than those who row over other matters, new research has suggested.
Couples who argue often want their other half to relinquish power during a disagreement.
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