Are you a racist? Most likely, your answer is no – and perhaps you find the very notion offensive. But according to two Cardiff University psychologists, many educated people harbour prejudiced attitudes even though they deny it.
Research published in the BPS British Journal of Developmental Psychology this month discovered that white children perceive black youngste
Having a dual ethno-national identification could influence how people feel about taking political action on behalf of minority religious groups, according to a study published in the British Psychological Society's British Journal of Social Psych
Special Group For Independent Practitioners Supporting the needs of independent practitioners to combine competently and ethically their psychological practice with the necessity to develop and maintain a business.
Welcome to the Race & Culture Faculty website. The 'Race' and Culture Faculty is a network of the British Psychological Society's Division of Clinical Psychology.
Children and young people who experience racism may endure poor mental health, depression and anxiety as a consequence, new research has indicated.
We are holding a refreshing, innovative and thought provoking conference that aims to highlight and enhance knowledge around culture, and black and ethnic minority issues for those involved in applied psychology.
Dr Martin Milton and Professor Mark Burton have each received a Society Award for Promoting Equality of Opportunity for 2012.
Our Social Psychology Section, in collaboration with the London School of Economics (LSE), is hosting an event to enable practitioners to discuss their specific researc
Experiencing discrimination could lead to a person taking more risks in life, new research has sug
A specialist research team at the University of Leicester has launched a new study of hate crime.
Two undergraduates have won prizes for psychological projects involving qualitative methods.
There is a problem in making cross-cultural comparisons of personality. How do you tell if a population's higher scores are a reliable reflection of their underlying traits, or if they're caused by a proclivity for more extreme answers?
Sufferers of domestic abuse within Asian society may be enduring the ordeal of living with a violent relative in silence.
Nominations are open for the Society’s 2012 Award for Equality of Opportunity.
Racism continues to cast its ugly shadow over football. As the European Football Championships kick-off today, the British government has advised fans of Asian or Afro-Caribbean descent to "take extra care" when in Ukraine, host nation with P
A paper co-authored by a Fellow of the British Psychological Society has been selected for publication by Science, one of the world's leading journals.
Census data has revealed that Britain’s multicultural and multiethnic population is on the increase and statutory and other psychology and psychotherapy services need to reflect the changing demands and needs of this population.
People think differently when it comes to the meaning of the word diversity, new research has shown.
Psychologists working in both child and adult services, together with service users, will share examples of best practice where they have worked alongside each other in the delivery of innovative and psychologically based projects.
"I'm not a racist, many of my best friends are [insert ethnic minority identifier]" ... goes the contemporary refrain. But how much does friendship really smooth inter-group interactions?
A conference about applying psychology to ethnicity and diversity practice in organisations is being held in London later this week
The next time you're in an audience, turn to the person sat next to you and take a good look. That's what you look like, that is. Scary eh?
One World, One Dream - that was the official slogan of the Beijing Olympics of 2008. The words encapsulate an aspiration of the Olympic movement, to bring about global harmony through the medium of elite sport. But onto that sweeping canvas of rosy idealism, a team of researchers led by Shirley Cheng have just cast a bucket-full of reality. Their new study shows that the 2008 Olympics deepened people's perception of inter-cultural differences and entrenched their in-group loyalty, at least through the eyes of the Chinese.
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