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This workshop is aimed at all those who work!
Unfortunately this event has been cancelled.  
Please note this workshop has now been cancelled This workshop will provide an introduction leadership theory (Vroom and Yetton, 1973, Hersey and Blanchard, 1982, Boyatzis, 1982), the development of the Formula 4 model of leadership, and h
Please note that this workshop has now been cancelled. Understanding unconscious social bias and how this impacts on how effectively we work with different types of people is critical to any organisational assessment or development program
Building on the feedback from the successful career transitions masterclass in 2011 this workshop
This wokshop provides the techniques, resources and confidence to facilitate group dialogue around any topic area or specific question.
Mindfulness is a mental training technique with its origins in the contemplative traditions of the East.
The workshop draws together extensive research and practical experience to provide participants with a simple, systematic process (CLEAR IDEA©) for creatively generating and implementing solutions to challenges at work.
In organisations people spend up to 80% of their time in conversation. “Talk” is our key action tool – and often a neglected discipline.
In many performance settings (e.g., sport, business) confidence is an important determinant of performance.  Across a range of settings individuals and teams who have a belief in their ability to succeed perform better because of increased ef
The workshop will provide an awareness of psychological factors underlying sport and exercise injuries.
This workshop will explore current national and international research and practice on preventing sexual violence.
Investigative Psychology is a field within Forensic Psychology that specifically focuses on howpsychological principles can be applied to the analysis of criminal behaviour. This workshop
There is emerging emphasis on exploring the function of challenging behaviours, through greater use of theoretical models, as well as through the use of practical management strategies.
This workshop will explore current research and practice on sexual violence. It is designed to provide qualified and in training psychologists with insights into one of the most complex and challenging areas of forensic psychology. 
Delegates will review theories of intelligence and their application in report writing. This will then lead to the consideration of alternative conceptual frameworks for intelligence viz.
Examining Models of Assessing Victims in Order to Treat Them Effectively
This workshop is designed to help continue to uphold and enhance our professional standards as psychologists (both qualified and in-training).  Specifically this workshop aims to:
A good supervisory relationship (SR) is key to successful supervision, and this workshop will focus on how to develop and maintain a good SR, and will highlight various challenges to this process.
The day will comprise of an introduction to IPA including the theoretical underpinnings (phenomenology, hermeneutics and idiography), IPA in relation to other methods of qualitative analysis, and the type of research question that might be answere
The workshop will begin with informed consent and group guidelines, moving into a period of sustained, silent –guided – mindfulness practice.
This workshop is intended as a an introduction into ACT as a participant in the ACT therapeutic process working, live, with one’s own ‘psychological unsatisfactoriness’, ‘inflexibility’ – or ‘suffering’.
This interactive and practical workshop will help participants explore and hone their existing approaches to formulation.
We will consider the challenges we currently face in our work with people with learning disabilities, and seek to gain a better understanding of these challenges within a theoretical, ideological and historical context. 
This workshop will involve sharing good practice regarding the provision of psychology services within the independent sector, with a focus on working as an expert witness.
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