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The train-the-trainer course, designed for professionals working in learning and development contexts, will be highly interactive; including case studies based on research data, scenarios and role plays, interactive exercises and small group wo
You know how when you're in an elevator or an underground train, everybody seems to try their darnedest not to look anyone else in the eye.
We trawl the world's journals so you don't have to:
This workshop - a short day course as it is - offers an experiential introduction to the ACT model; participants will be asked to bring their own issues of stuckness, suffering, psychological inflexibility and run them through the the ‘lens’ of th
This workshop is designed to help continue to uphold and enhance the professional standards of qualified and in-training psychologists.
Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy is a multifaceted construct that envelops concepts including nonjudgement, acceptance, present awareness, attention and intention.
In the current NHS climate, the focus is very much on "patient centred care".
This workshop focuses on the importance of expert witness testimony. Presenting evidence in court is the culmination of the work carried out in your role as an expert witness.
The training focuses on the administration and scoring of the gold standard for personality disorder assessment - the International Personality Disorder Examination (IPDE).
This is the third workshop of a comprehensive 4-day Supervision programme. This workshop covers a selection of models of Supervision and provides opportunities to consolidate and further extend learning and application.
This workshop will explore the essential knowledge of becoming an expert witness to the court, including the role and duties of the expert, how to set fees and how the legal profession views experts.
This workshop will appeal to those already working in private practice who wish to gain more advanced insights and skills relating to practice, as well as trainees and those who aim to set up in private practice.
This workshop will explore the essential knowledge of becoming an expert witness to the court, including the role and duties of the expert, how to set fees and how the legal profession views experts.
The aim of the workshop will be to explore how we deliver meaningful and effective psychological therapy to individuals experiencing distressing psychosis.
This workshop will explore the issues around the use of personality tests and focus on giving a practical training in their clinical use with clients. The meaning of results obtained and their reliability will be discussed.
Here’s the paradox; history, from the pyramids to a man on the moon, is the story of extraordinary teamwork, yet today, most work teams fail to fulfil their potential and most people have never belonged to a high performance work team.
This training allows an individual to gain a greater understanding of WAIS IV interpretation. In particular this one-day workshop will look at the history of the WAIS IV, Assessment, Scoring, the components of the WAIS IV and report writing.
This workshop is aimed at all those who work!
This is the second of a comprehensive 4-day Supervision programme and covers various aspects of the theory and practice of Supervision, including the stages of the Supervision process, Supervisor/Supervisee development, contracting, feedback and e
For those considering or embarking on the self-employed route this workshop will help you to focus your thoughts on the key considerations and help you answer important questions such as: How will I know if I’m ready for self-employment?
EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is an active, multi-dimensional, empirically validated psychological treatment for resolving the emotional sequelae of traumatic events and for treating anxiety-based disorders caused by trauma,
A highly enjoyable and interactive day spent first playing with the simple rules of thumb that underlie improvisational comedy (‘Improv’), then discussing the available literature on improvisation in organisations and finally planning how to take
This one day workshop will outline a new cognitive-behavioural parenting-based approach for treating anxiety in young children.
This is the fourth day of the supervision programme. This day emphasises and models supervision of supervision, providing opportunities to bring together learning and practice.
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