Please note this event has been cancelled Adaptation-based Process Therapy (APT) was developed by the speakers in response to both our clinical feelings and client demands for an intervention that went beyond behavioural or cognitive based
Testosterone can have a significant impact with regard to social behaviour.
Females tend to react more to negative news than their male counterparts.
People with a certain personality type may be more likely to switch their political allegiance, new
The ability and inclination to identify with all of humanity was touched on by some of psychology's pioneers, but there has been little subsequent research on the subject.  
According to an influential and controversial theory, autism is the manifestation of an 'Extreme Male Brain'.
A study published in the Association for Psychological Science journal Perspectives on Psychological Science suggests people are able to choose their levels of self-control.
The notion of taste is important for personal identity, new research has suggested.
People are attracted to playfulness when looking for a possible mate, new research has suggested.
Children may have a higher IQ if they are fed a healthy diet in their early years.
Campaigns to increase the level of happiness in Society could have the ironic effect, of making sad people feel sadder, suggests new research reported on our
There is a problem in making cross-cultural comparisons of personality. How do you tell if a population's higher scores are a reliable reflection of their underlying traits, or if they're caused by a proclivity for more extreme answers?
We garner a surprising amount of accurate information from the briefest glimpses of other people - their faces, voices and clothes. That much we know from past research. But what about the way they walk? Does a swagger betray an ego?
Overconfidence can sometimes be a dangerous characteristic, new research has suggested.
Athletes at the Olympics will be required to attain the highest levels of performance whilst under considerable levels of pressure. 
Character strength training can make people feel happier, new research has suggested.
Satisfaction is linked to greater resilience in life.
The use of smartphones can have an impact on a person's behaviour, new research has suggested.
An individual's personality could be associated with living longer, new research has suggested.
What kind of profile picture do you have on Facebook? Is it a close-up shot of your lovely face with little background visible? Or is it zoomed out, so that you appear against a wider context?
A study carried out at the University of Leicester's School of Psychology has found that younger people who are disagreeable are more likely to prefer aggressive dogs.
People who rate themselves as having high emotional intelligence (EI) tend to overestimate their ability to detect deception in others. This is the finding of a paper published today in the journal Legal and Criminological Psychology.
Mobile phone users can be surprisingly truthful when sending messages, new research has suggested.
Frank Abagnale Jr, the confidence trickster who inspired the film "Catch Me If You Can", later became a security consultant for the FBI.
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