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From Ancient Greek philosophy to humanistic psychology to modern day rap songs, there's a long tradition of espousing the benefits of being true to yourself or "keeping it real".
Depression-related symptoms in children can be reduced through greater mindfulness at school.
Many people suffer from a later life crisis, new research has shown. Presented last week at our Annual Conference in Harrogate, the study revealed a third of individuals in their sixties have gone through such episodes, with both negative and postive outcomes for their well-being.
The Society’s public engagement grants support members who want to promote psychology to wider audiences. The scheme is currently closed. 
New research is to look at why some people appear to be naturally artistic while others are more scientific or musical.
Children who are kind tend to be happier than their more selfish peers, new research has suggested.
It has been found that a sense of well-being could improve in individuals as they age.
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A study published in the Association for Psychological Science journal Perspectives on Psychological Science suggests people are able to choose their levels of self-control.
Inspired Thinking Outside The Box - A program to empower psychologists to seize control of their career and command their life
The LIFEMATTERS HP-V program is a set of tools to help healthcare professionals in training and in practice learn how to:
Campaigns to increase the level of happiness in Society could have the ironic effect, of making sad people feel sadder, suggests new research reported on our
Spending time living abroad can set the creative juices flowing.
Facebook and other social networking sites make people feel good about themselves, new research has suggested, but a British psychologist is sceptical.
Satisfaction is linked to greater resilience in life.
Variety could well prove to be the spice of life after new research found that while happiness can increase after major life changes, this feeling might fade over time.
People who maintain a balanced time perspective are more likely to be happy, new research has suggested.
myCPD is an online system provided by the BPS Learning Centre. It provides a structured framework for planning and recording CPD.
Thinking about death and having a greater awareness of mortality can prove beneficial, new research has suggested.
If you put on a front at work – don't worry, it probably won't do you any harm. But it is important to show your true self to your partner if you want to be healthy and happy.
Some people may be born nice because their genes direct them towards such behaviour.
The major decisions people make throughout their life could be affected by how long they expect to live.
Professor Stephen Joseph appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme this morning to talk about people’s reaction to devastating events and his new book What Doesn’t Kill Us: The New Ps
Children today are not experiencing the great outdoors to the same degree as generations before them. According to a new report from the National Trust, relationships between kids and nature is suffering a dramatic decline, the effects of which will be felt for a long time.
A person's self-control can be strengthened, new research has suggested.
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