Although it might seem a good idea to work with other people to remember important information, the evidence suggests that this typically isn't so.
Environmental distractions are more likely to impair the memory and cognitive processes of older people than their younger counterparts, a new
Pop music is being used as part of a memory game in a bid to better understand how it can stick in the mind, even years after being released.
Some memories we aim to remember, others just show up. One proposal is that uninvited memories, such as those that intrude in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), are encoded and stored in a distinct memory system.
People who talk about atrocities during times of war often leave out key information, a new study has found.
Carrying out regular aerobic exercise could help to prevent memory loss for women in later life, a study has suggeste
Our use of laughter and swearing as forms of emotional expression are two of the topics featured in a new BPS series of audio interviews with prominent psychologists.
We’ve often heard someone’s memory described as 'weak' or 'strong'.
Human memory has a pervasive emotional bias – and it’s probably a good thing. That’s according to psychologists Timothy Ritchie and colleagues.
The fate of our earliest memories is something of an enigma. As adults, most of us are unable to recall memories from before we were age three or four.
Psychologists have long been aware that very few people are able to recall information from before the age of about three.
Two researchers from the University of Newcastle in Australia have found that music may be successfully used to help people with acquired brain injuries (AB
Recent research has shown that the brain uses a 'mental Rolodex' of memories in order to help it make decisions when faced with a choice.
It's only in the last few years that researchers have documented the existence of a select group of individuals who have memories like a diary.
Young adults today have an emotional connection with music that was popular when their parents were younger, new r
Going through the menopause can have an impact on a woman's memory.
Having a healthy lifestyle could help to reduce the likelihood of a person experiencing memory problems later in life, new research has indicated.
A person's working memory can be improved through mindfulness training, new research has suggested.
Complicated grief could affect an individual's ability to remember, new rese
Prospective memory in healthy adults could be improved by the aroma of rosemary essential oil. That is the suggestion of new research presented this week at our Annual Conference in Harrogate, which found the oil could be used to help people remember past events and recall the need to complete tasks in the future.
Working memory describes our ability to hold relevant information in mind for use in mental tasks, while ignoring irrelevant information.
People often apologise for being useless at remembering names, as if it's some idiosyncratic quirk of theirs.
A person's memory can be adversely affected by exposure to organophosphates, new research has shown.
The 'Method of Loci' or 'Memory Palace' mnemonic strategy of placing to-be-remembered items mentally along a well-known route has been used since ancient times.
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