The British Psychological Society and EBSCO partnership has launched a customised Discovery Service – an additional way for members of the Society to search and access a multitude of online journals and other publications, all accessible through PsychSource.
Eligibility Student membership is open to everyone studying on a Society accredited undergraduate degree or postgraduate conversion course.
The Occupational Safety and Health Consultants Register is provided by OSHCR Ltd.  The register is a means by which our members can demonstrate their professional standing and experience in occupational health and safety.
As part of the Society’s student roadshow campaign to engage with members, we have been visiting universities that run accredited programmes in order to meet with students and staff. 
When attempting to log in the following message appears- 'the membership number or email address is not recognised.' Have you set up an online account?
Our members are encouraged to note that grandparenting for practitioner psychologists is ending soon.
The Register of Coaching Psychologists provides a means for Society Members who have specialist expertise in the field of Coaching Psychology to achieve recognition of their expertise and to differentiate their services.
As part of the Society's ongoing commitment to enhance the benefits of membership
Members are encouraged to use their designations as an important benefit of membership.  They send out a powerful professional message about their status, experience and professionalism.
Subscription fees for Society, Member Network and journal payments can be paid onli
Eligibility  Anyone with an interest in psychology can apply to become an e-Subscriber.No formal qualifications are required. Benefits Access member benefits without having to demonst
New online DBS check service now available
With our new website launched, why not experience and take advantage of our online community director
The Society appeals process is overseen by the Membership Standards Board (MSB) which is responsible for issues relating to the membership of the Society and professional training in psychology.
The Psychology Postgraduate Affairs Group (PsyPAG) is a support group for postgraduate st
Becoming a part of a branch automatically comes with your membership if you live in the UK. Branches exist for you to meet up and exchange ideas with others in your local geographic area. Our branches include:
The Society has support groups for members who are either at undergraduate, postgraduate, training practitioner and fellowship levels. These include:
Once you become a member of the Society, you can join a Special Group. Our Special groups provide a forum for members working in particular specialist fields, that helps promote standards.
Once you have become a member of the Society, you will be able to join a section. Our sections exist to further members' specialised scientific interests.
Once you have become a member of the Society, you can join one of our divisions.
The Society has a number of Member Networks, which include:
What are the benefits of being on the Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors (RAPPS)? Being on the Register confirms that you have supervisory skills.
Looking for a supervisor? The Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors (RAPPS) is designed to recognise psychologists with special expertise in supervision.
Chartered Psychologist status is the benchmark of professional recognition for psychologists and reflects the highest standards of psychological knowledge and expertise. If a professional is chartered it is a mark of experience, competence
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