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Accreditation through partnership is the process by which the Society works with education providers to ensure that quality standards in education and training are met by all course and training programmes on an ongoing basis.
Accreditation is how we reach a view on whether psychology courses are suitable to support students’ achievement of learning outcomes, and are supported by an appropriate resource base.
Completing the Qualification gives you the necessary post graduate training to achieve the Society's Chartered status and be eligible to apply for registration with the
The Society qualification in Educational Psychology (Scotland). Qualification in Educational Psychology (Scotland) (Stage 2)
The Society offers the Qualification in Clinical Neuropsychology (QiCN) which confers eligibility for entry onto the Society's Specialist Register of Clinical Neuropsychologists. If you want to work as a Clinical Neuropsychologist this qua
The Professional Development Centre is the Society’s training and development portal. It provides learning and continuing profe
Our examinations and qualifications are intended for independent candidates who are not attached to accredited po
Labour could be set to use a highly successful literacy strategy devised by Chartered Educational and Child Psychologist Professor Tommy MacKay.
The intelligence of a nation's people can play a considerable role in its economic strength, it has been found.
We trawl the world's journals so you don't have to...
People in the UK have been urged to respond to a government Green Paper aimed at making the training of educational psychologists a more secure area.
Psychologists investigating the well-being of patients with an acquired brain injury (ABI) have documented a curious phenomenon, whereby the more serious a person's brain injury, the higher their self-reported life-satisfaction.
Eye-catching studies that didn't make the final cut...
Raising healthy children (Child Development).
The beneficial effect of homework, if they get round to it, on pupils' subsequent academic grades has been shown before.
Marc Smith of Boroughbridge High School, North Yorkshire, reviews the AS/A2 Biopsychology PsyKit from Uniview Worldwide. Price £49 (excl.
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