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A lack of understanding, stigma, fear and discrimination towards people with schizophrenia are needlessly preventing tens of thousands of people from finding or keeping jobs.
Leadership is a trait that some people may inherit, new research has suggested.
Hazel Stevenson went to the House of Commons last week to hear the Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committee take evidence on women in the workplace
The Mental Health (Anti-Discrimination) (No. 2) Bill, which has already passed all its stages in the House of Commons, received its second reading in the House of Lords.
Men joined women to restore their own reputation in the light of the sexist behaviour of the then Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in Italian protests in 2009.
The likelihood that a person will actively engage in politics may be reduced when they are exposed to conspiracy theories.
If you want to influence people's behaviour by hitting them where it hurts, the wallet seems a great place to aim.
Pitching an environmental message using conservative-minded arguments could help narrow the partisan gap that often occurs when such debates arise.
Prestige and dominance may indicate future leaders, new research has suggested.
Moral stereotypes regarding liberals and conservatives tend to be true but exaggerated.
In the Autumn Statement (5 December) , the Chancellor of the Exchequer unveiled a £600 million injection into the UK's scientific research infrastructure.
This week Lord Justice Leveson published the report following his inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the press. The Society submitted evidence to the inquiry in 2011 calling for the press to consider the psychological implications of stories they publish. The British Psychological Society is mentioned in volume one of the report as part of a section on gathering and presentation of evidence. The report states: “submissions from different groups … covering other areas of extremely important social awareness; these included, among others, submissions concerning the treatment afforded by the press to the young, the mentally ill, the disabled and other groups in society, some of which were vulnerable and others the particular subject if press concern”.
“Mental health has an institutional disadvantage in health and care services,” said health minister Norman Lamb on Thursday. He was speaking at the Psychological Therapies in the NHS 2012 conference organised by the New Savoy Partnership at the Mermaid Conference and Events Centre in London.
Mental health is to be given parity with physical health under the first NHS Mandate, which was published yesterday. 
The government is launching a new Dementia Friends scheme, reports BBC News. It is modelled on a similar programme in Japan which has recruited three million volunteers.
Poor mental health in the workplace costs UK employers an estimated £26bn, according to a new briefing published by the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST).
Negatively framed political attitudes (“I don’t like Obama”) are stronger than positively framed attitudes (“I like Romney”), and this effect is strengthened when people think more deeply about the issues involved.
A minister in the Holyrood government has spoken of the important part that evidence-based psychology interventions will play in implementing Scotland’s new mental health strategy.
Psychological and mental health services are currently going through a huge change agenda in order to survive. There are expectations for increased productivity as well as quality demonstrated by a wide ranging performance targets.
Peers including the vice president of Barnardo’s and a former primary school headteacher debated child development in the UK and its bearing on national wellbeing earlier today.
People with a certain personality type may be more likely to switch their political allegiance, new
Stephen Lea, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of Exeter, is speaking at fringe meetings being held as part of the Labour and Conservative Party Conferences this month.
A new Measuring National Wellbeing report has been published by the House of Commons Library.
A private member’s bill that would repeal laws preventing people with mental health problems from serving as MPs, school governors, jurors or company directors received its second reading in the Commons today (14 September).
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