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The government's Troubled Families programme is set to be
Wales is to become the first country in the UK to adopt an organ donation opt-out system.
Use of face-down restraint in mental health hospitals in England could soon be banned.
Changes in the economic climate are serving to encourage machismo and misogyny among males in the UK.
Recently there has been controversy over a psychological test that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has been using with jobseekers.
Professor Jo Silvester from City University, London, set out what she knows about what makes a good political leader and what psychology can bring to the search for good leadership in a keynote address to the Annual Conference of our Northern Ireland Branch last weekend.
The late Margaret Thatcher - Britain's first and, so far, only female Prime Minister - is criticised for failing to do more to help other women get ahead in politics.
One of the authors of the Society’s paper “Technique is not Enough (TINE)" is taking part in a panel discussion on parenting support at the Society’s
Our Faculty of the Psychology of Older People launched its new report “Alternatives to Antipsychotic Medication” at Portcullis House, Westminster, yesterday. This is the first in a series of reports on dementia care that the faculty is producing in conjunction with the Dementia Action Alliance.
The Society has welcomed that decision-making regarding £200bn of public spending is to be assisted by a network of world-leading evidence centres. These facilities will gather, analyse and share findings to inform policy on six matters including promoting active and independent ageing, service delivery in combating crime, effective early intervention and encouraging growth in the local economy.
The Mental Health (Discrimination) Bill has officially been passed into law.
The British Psychological Society has been quoted several times in the consultation analysis of the Law Commissi
A Chartered Psychologist has welcomed the news that the House of Commons authorities have approved an annual budget of £25,000 to help MPs with mental health problems access treatment.
Gwenda Thomas, deputy minister for children and social services in the Welsh Government, has introduced a major new piece of legislation which, if passed, will see carers in Wales have their needs assessed as part of proposals designed to transfor
A lack of understanding, stigma, fear and discrimination towards people with schizophrenia are needlessly preventing tens of thousands of people from finding or keeping jobs.
Leadership is a trait that some people may inherit, new research has suggested.
Hazel Stevenson went to the House of Commons last week to hear the Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committee take evidence on women in the workplace
The Mental Health (Anti-Discrimination) (No. 2) Bill, which has already passed all its stages in the House of Commons, received its second reading in the House of Lords.
Men joined women to restore their own reputation in the light of the sexist behaviour of the then Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in Italian protests in 2009.
The likelihood that a person will actively engage in politics may be reduced when they are exposed to conspiracy theories.
If you want to influence people's behaviour by hitting them where it hurts, the wallet seems a great place to aim.
Pitching an environmental message using conservative-minded arguments could help narrow the partisan gap that often occurs when such debates arise.
Prestige and dominance may indicate future leaders, new research has suggested.
Moral stereotypes regarding liberals and conservatives tend to be true but exaggerated.
In the Autumn Statement (5 December) , the Chancellor of the Exchequer unveiled a £600 million injection into the UK's scientific research infrastructure.
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