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Students are encouraged to perform better when there is the prospect of an immediate reward.
The BPS is working with the Department of Health to assist in the development of a concordat on learning disabilities.
On 14 June, a House of Commons debate on mental health was held.
England's children's homes are failing to protect vulnerable youngsters who run away or go missing, a new report by the all-party parliamentary group for runaway and missing children and adults has warned.
Last Thursday saw a House of Commons debate on mental health - you can read all the speeches on the They Work for You site.
Only a quarter of those who need treatment for mental health problems are receiving it, according to a new report published by the London School of Economics.
If the government’s proposed strategy for helping people with long-term health conditions is to be a success then there will need to be more health psychologists and vastly enhanced training in psychological skills and interventions in the wider h
Dr Carole Allan, the outgoing President of the British Psychology Society, has welcomed yesterday’s Commons debate on mental health because it will help to raise public awareness of the importance of mental well-being and of the problems poor mental health can cause.
The government's draft suicide prevention strategy is aiming to reduce suicide rates in Britain, it has been noted.
The Department for Education and Welsh Government have launched a consultation on proposals to update and si
A paper co-authored by a Fellow of the British Psychological Society has been selected for publication by Science, one of the world's leading journals.
A House of Commons early day motion has been tabled calling for better support for mothers at risk of perinatal depression. It was put down by Annette Brooke, Liberal Democrat MP for Mid Dorset and North Poole.
The Chair of the Scottish Division of Educational Psychology appeared before the Scottish Parliament’s Education Committee on Tuesday 15 May. 
The Challenger disaster, the Bay of Pigs fiasco, the botched invasion of Iraq ... all these historical calamities have been blamed on dud group decision making. Bang heads together, it seems, and you dull people's minds.
Guidelines produced by the British Psychological Society have been highlighted as a useful resource for those looking to delve deeper into the issue of consent regarding end of life care.
Poor parenting and failures on the behalf of schools have been cited as reasons for the outbreak of riots seen across England last summer.
New funding has been announced for the Combat Stress helpline in a bid to help reduce stigma regarding mental health issues in the armed forces.
The government has announced additional funding for research into dementia care.
The less time or mental effort a person puts into thinking about an issue, the more likely they are to espouse a politically conservative perspective.
The BPS is playing an important role in helping with the production of quality materials that can be used to help front-line staff better recognise adults with autism.
The government has revealed it is to offer £4 million of funding in an attempt to change behavioural practices regarding some of the biggest health problems in the UK.
One question people may be asking on Budget day is whether the British economy would perform better if there were more women on company boards.
The depth of a political candidate's voice can have an impact on whether or not people choose to vote for them.
Although some research has suggested a link between violent video games and aggression, causation cannot be proved, says Impacts of Video Games - a b
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