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An event at the Stormont Parliament Buildings on the 24 September showcased how psychology and psychologists can assist members of the Northern Ireland Assembly in their work.
A rise in suicide rates in Europe and the Americas may be linked to the global economic crisis.
Educational psychology services have been subject to budget cuts by councils across England.
More than 100 teachers, writers and academics signed a letter in this morning’s Daily Telegraph arguing that the gover
The drive in the UK and US towards early diagnosis of dementia is not backed by evidence of benefit, says a study published in the British Journal of Medicine.
Mentally unwell people should not be detained in police cells when mental health units are unable to take them in.
Parity of esteem between mental health and physical health will be achieved only if commissioning and payment systems are accelerated to reflect this policy objective. That was one of the conclusions of a House of Commons health committee review of the Mental Health Act 2007 published on 14 August.
Care homes in the UK need to be revamped so that the next generation of old people are willing to live in them.
A new system may be introduced whereby primary school pupils in England are ranked against their peers across the country.
Dr Martin Milton, who was one of the winners of the British Psychological Society Award for Promoting Equality of Opportunity
Earlier this week a review led by NHS England medical director Sir Bruce Keogh looked at the standards of care at the 14 hospital trusts with the worst death rates. As a result, 11 of the trusts under investigation were placed on special measures.
The British Psychological Society has welcomed NHS England’s “call to action” to engage the public, clinicians and patients in the development of ideas to meet increased demand and address the projected £30bn funding gap.
Welcome to the website for our 2014 Annual Conference to be held on 7-9 May in Birmingham at the International Convention Centre (ICC) which is located right in the heart of England'
We often think of persuasion in terms of converting people to our side of an argument. Just as important in many contexts is the need to inspire supporters to do more to help a cause they already believe in.
The government's Troubled Families programme is set to be
Wales is to become the first country in the UK to adopt an organ donation opt-out system.
Use of face-down restraint in mental health hospitals in England could soon be banned.
Changes in the economic climate are serving to encourage machismo and misogyny among males in the UK.
Recently there has been controversy over a psychological test that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has been using with jobseekers.
Professor Jo Silvester from City University, London, set out what she knows about what makes a good political leader and what psychology can bring to the search for good leadership in a keynote address to the Annual Conference of our Northern Ireland Branch last weekend.
The late Margaret Thatcher - Britain's first and, so far, only female Prime Minister - is criticised for failing to do more to help other women get ahead in politics.
One of the authors of the Society’s paper “Technique is not Enough (TINE)" is taking part in a panel discussion on parenting support at the Society’s
Our Faculty of the Psychology of Older People launched its new report “Alternatives to Antipsychotic Medication” at Portcullis House, Westminster, yesterday. This is the first in a series of reports on dementia care that the faculty is producing in conjunction with the Dementia Action Alliance.
The Society has welcomed that decision-making regarding £200bn of public spending is to be assisted by a network of world-leading evidence centres. These facilities will gather, analyse and share findings to inform policy on six matters including promoting active and independent ageing, service delivery in combating crime, effective early intervention and encouraging growth in the local economy.
The Mental Health (Discrimination) Bill has officially been passed into law.
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