Eating disorders

Three experts are taking part in a discussion on obesity at our Annual Conference next week.
Unhealthy eating could result in a woman's mood worsening, new research has suggested.
A neurosurgical implant that acts as a form of pacemaker for the brain can lead to improved mood for severe anorexia patients.
A new campaign to tackle obesity is to involve organisations representing nearly all of the UK's doctors.
Perfectionism is associated with body dissatisfaction, new research has suggested.
People often choose to eat fattier foods when times are hard.
Efforts to lose weight can be restricted by a person's emotions.
Female peers have a significant influence on how women perceive their bodies and influence their concerns about matters such as weight and size.
Children may be more likely to become obese if their parents suffer from stress, a new study has suggested.
Many people turn to food to help them cope with the stresses of the holiday season, new research has found.
According to an influential and controversial theory, autism is the manifestation of an 'Extreme Male Brain'.
Patients who fail to lose weight while taking anti-obesity drugs do so because of their beliefs about themselves and about the difficulty of losing weight.
Parents take more offence when certain terms are used to describe their children than when others are, new research has found.
Studies have revealed that taking a balanced approach to making a meal could encourage children to eat a more balanced diet and improve their development.
New research has suggested childhood abuse might be connected to obesity in later life.
Work-life stress can have a marked impact on a person's eating habits, new research has suggested.
Parents fear talking to their children about their weight because they worry it could lead to them developing an eating disorder, a study suggests.
The beach volleyball event at this summer’s London Olympics will attract unsurpassed media attention and play to a capacity stadium. Tickets for the competition - despite only athletics coming with a steeper price tag - were vastly oversubscribed.
Married men are willing to change their eating habits in order to avoid an argument with their wife, new research has found.
The social and cultural pressures in elite sport are immense and can trump athletes’ own psychological strength, a sports psychologist has said.
Maybe you've tried giving them names. Or perhaps you've made noises of gastronomic delight. But still your young child refuses to eat their greens.
Adults may not improve their eating habits after having children, new research has shown.
Binge eaters may be more likely to take drugs because such consumption could lead to addiction-like behaviours.
The government has announced additional funding for research into dementia care.
A young girl's self-esteem will not necessarily be boosted as a result of weight loss.
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