Publication of US psychiatry's updated diagnostic code has provoked renewed debate in recent weeks over the extent to which mental illness ought to be framed as a psychosocial or a biological problem.
Girls whose fathers were absent during their early childhood are more likely to suffer from depression during their adolescence, new research has suggested.
Severe depression in chronic pain patients could be prevented by targeting feelings of mental defeat.
People who suffer from depression may not feel all of the benefits associated with physical activity.
It may be possible for depression to rub off on other people, new research has suggested.
Depression-related symptoms in children can be reduced through greater mindfulness at school.
Having Botox can result in people feeling more depressed, new research has found.
Depression in childhood could be linked to increased risk of heart problems, new research has indicated.
Boys born with a low birth weight could be at increased risk of suffering from depression during adolescence.
Guided self-help cognitive behavioural therapy (GSH-CBT) books could be a useful treatment for depression in primary care, new research has suggested.
Yoga could help to combat mild depression, new research has shown.
The effectiveness of treating depressive symptoms through the use of antidepressants has been called into question.
New research has highlighted the risks associated with depression among people who suffer a stroke.
Consuming sweetened drinks increases the risk that a person might suffer from depression, new research has suggested.
People who suffer from depression in later life may be at increased risk of developing dementia, new
New research carried out by Nicole Campione-Barr, an Assistant Professor of Psychological Science in the College of Arts and Science at the University of Missouri has
Media multitasking has been connected with conditions including anxiety and depression, according to a new study.
Depression advances through the different developmental stages of a person's lifespan and one new study has succeeded in identifying how the condition changes as the sufferer ages.
Teenagers are more likely to experience emotional and substance abuse problems as a consequence of being in an abusive relationship.
Hospital appointments are often missed because patients feel the Monday blues.
Women who experience depression during pregnancy could be at increased risk of suicide in later life.
Teenagers who take art courses after school may be more likely to suffer from depression than those who do not participate in these activities.
It is not just women who can suffer from postnatal depression, new research has suggested.
People tend to find it easier to identify symptoms of depression in women more than men.
Depression among sportspeople is gradually becoming less of a stigma as more men and women who play professional sport come forward and share their own battles with mental health problems.
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