The assessment and treatment of depression usually deals with negative verbal thoughts as if they are distinct from negative mental imagery and perceptual sensations.
Measuring levels of the hormone cortisol in teenage boys could help doctors to predict those that are at risk of developing clinical depression,
People who stop smoking could enjoy a boost to their mental wellbeing and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, a new study has discovered.
Two recent studies have highlighted the strong links between failing to achieve optimal levels of sleep and experiencing depression.
Former Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe has checked into rehab as he battles a bout of depression, his manager has confirmed.
Millions of patients are being given medication they do not need because doctors are overdiagnosing depression, one expert has claimed.
People who exercise while they are young may be less likely to experience depression in later life than their peers who are not as active, according to a new research revie
People who feel trapped and defeated by their current situation are more likely to be at risk of developing clinical depression and anxiety than the general population, according to research presented at a Society conference.
The British Psychological Society is pleased to endorse the NICE Quality Standards for Depression in children and young people that are published today.
People who think about themselves will experience higher brain activity if they are suffering from depression, new researc
Children and young people who experience racism may endure poor mental health, depression and anxiety as a consequence, new research has indicated.
A groundbreaking two-year study launched by the BBC has revealed that there are a number of biological, circumstantial and psychological factors that can act as triggers for mental health probl
The children of women who experience depression during pregnancy may be at increased risk of suffering from depression when they get older.
NICE - the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence - has published a new quality standard on depression in children and young people.
People in the UK who suffer from depression could benefit from collaborative care, new research has suggested.
Women may be at greater risk of postpartum depression if they live in large urban areas, new research has suggested.
Different approaches to psychotherapy are all beneficial to people battling depression.
An initiative that will see numerous pop-up bakeries opening across the UK in August could prove beneficial for people suffering from depression.
People suffering from depression tend to set themselves more generalised personal targets than those who do not experience the condition.
Young people often turn to social networking sites in order to reach out when they are feeling depressed.
Having casual sex can be negatively associated with well-being, new research has suggested.
Monday’s edition of Panorama looked at concerns that some widely prescribed antidepressants can double the risk of a child being born with a heart defect.
Using antidepressants during pregnancy may not be worth the risk for mothers experiencing mild to moderate depression, it has been suggested.
There needs to be more support given to men experiencing depression and anxiety, new research has claimed.
Women who suffer from depression or Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after being subject to abuse are not receiving the mental health services they require, new
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