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Aggressive behaviour in adolescents could be reduced when they are able to see happiness in other people's faces.
The Society has responded to a House of Commons Public Bill Committee call for written evidence regarding the Children and Families Bill. In our memorandum, we welcomed the proposal that it is the duty of health bodies to bring certain children with special education needs to the attention of local authorities.
Mothers are less likely than other employees to remain in jobs that are male-dominated.
Exposure to negative parenting can increase the risk of a child being subject to bullying, new research has found.
Most research into cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for teenagers has focused on whether it works or not, with largely positive results.
Children at risk of self-harm need to be given greater protection by local authorities, a new study has suggested.
A child's emotional development is likely to benefit when they are told stories.
The Role of Educational Psychologists in implementing Research-Based Practice For further information regarding this event please click here
The MindEd consortium is looking for energetic and enthusiastic people to write and edit e-learning content as part of both the MindEd Mental Health and Healthy School Child Projects.
The number of women who experience postpartum depression is surprisingly high, new research has found.
Our  discussion paper Technique is Not Enough: A framework for ensuring that evidence-based parenting programmes are socially inclusive has been included in the latest newsletter of the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership (IIMHL).
An opportunity for clinical psychologists, especially those working in settings where there are no specialist neuropsychologists, to update their practice and increase skills in undertaking cognit
Young fathers are keen to shake off the tag of being 'deadbeat dads', new research has shown.
Medication treatment for pupils with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is viewed by teachers as a last resort.
One of the authors of the Society’s paper “Technique is not Enough (TINE)" is taking part in a panel discussion on parenting support at the Society’s
Men feel more depressed and isolated than women if they do not have children, new research has found.
Writing stories could help young people to explore their emotions.
Marital conflict can serve as a significant source of stress for young people, new research has found.
Parents in the UK are being given assistance to help them spot problematic behaviour.
A child's attitude towards food can be successfully altered.
A new study published published in the Journal of Adolescent Health suggests that family meals can contribute to good mental health in young people.
Depression in childhood could be linked to increased risk of heart problems, new research has indicated.
This week Channel 4's Bedtime Live began to shine a spotlight on a potentially tricky time of day for families. This new five-week series aims to help audiences understand the importance of sleep and give practical advice to parents and carers. Professor Tanya Byron, a Chartered member of our Society, is one of the lead presenters on the show, the first episode of which was shown at 8pm on Tuesday 19 March.
An early education provision pilot has not led to improved outcomes for young children.
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