Children and Family

Depressive symptoms among mothers of low-income families are not eased through marriage or neighbourly support.
Young children with autism have difficultly deliberately deceiving other people, now a new study has shown that they are also more trusting than their neurotypical peers.
Teenagers in the UK are not being deterred from smoking by current cigarette packs, new research has shown.
A child's temperament and mental health is not affected by the fact that they stutter.
NICE - the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence - has published a new quality standard on depression in children and young people.
A lack of parental warmth can have a long-lasting impact on children - from both an emotional and physical perspective.
Children may be more likely to share things if they are given a choice in the matter, new research has suggested.
World Cup football could be a risk factor for domestic violence, new research has indicated.
New research is to take a closer look at self-harm among young people in care.
Laboratory research pioneered by psychologist Carol Dweck has shown the short-term benefits of praising children for their efforts rather than their inherent traits.
Adopted children who may have suffered abuse and neglect could be about to benefit from a new funding opportunity.
Attending school plays an important role in improving children's physical health, new research has suggested.
Learning and memory in children could be improved through physical fitness, new research has suggested.
More than 100 teachers, writers and academics signed a letter in this morning’s Daily Telegraph arguing that the gover
Children who sit down for meals with their families are more confident when talking to others.
A child's satisfaction with school can be improved if they take music lessons, new research has suggested.
A child's behaviour can improve as a result of them being encouraged to make music, research has suggested.
Mindfulness training can help to improve a child's attention span, new research has suggested.
Yelling at adolescent children could prove detrimental to their well-being in the long-term.
Being able to speak two languages would prove beneficial for children from lower income families, new research has suggested.
A teenager's quality of life may suffer as a result of them not getting enough sleep.
A study presented at the BPS Joint Cognitive and Developmental Psychology Section annual conference this week suggests that mums are more likely to see playing with their child as an opportunity for learning and development compared to dads who see play as an opportunity for fun and bonding.
This conference will provide a forum for the discussion of how EPs can keep in the current lead position in VIG training and supervision in the UK. It will be of interest to any Psychologists who are considering taking up Video Interaction
Early school engagement could be used to help prevent teenage behavioural problems, new research has found.
A belief in conspiracy theories may influence parents' intentions to have their children vaccinated against diseases such as measles.
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