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A teenager's quality of life may suffer as a result of them not getting enough sleep.
A study presented at the BPS Joint Cognitive and Developmental Psychology Section annual conference this week suggests that mums are more likely to see playing with their child as an opportunity for learning and development compared to dads who see play as an opportunity for fun and bonding.
This conference will provide a forum for the discussion of how EPs can keep in the current lead position in VIG training and supervision in the UK. It will be of interest to any Psychologists who are considering taking up Video Interaction
Early school engagement could be used to help prevent teenage behavioural problems, new research has found.
A belief in conspiracy theories may influence parents' intentions to have their children vaccinated against diseases such as measles.
A pupil's cognitive performance may be improved if they walk to school rather than be driven in.
The capacity for animosity between child siblings is legendary. Psychologist Judy Dunn has described the "devastating lack of inhibition". Stephen Bank and Michael Kahn wrote about a relationship "emotionally charged with murderous intention."
Children develop the awareness that results in them protecting the environment from an early age.
A pregnant woman's mood can be improved through exercise, new research has shown.
Young women who have eating disorders may be at greater risk of attempting suicide.
Professor Patricia Howlin, Emeritus Professor of Clinical Child Psychology at King's College London Institute of Psychiatry (IoP) and a Fellow of the British Psychological Society, has been awarded the 2013 INSAR Lifetime A
Parent-facing prams can allow for greater interaction between mothers, fathers and their children says speech therapist Nicola Lathey who was interviewed on BBC Radio 4 this week.
The presentations will first be on research findings on childhood experience and attachment models in adolescent behavioural disorders.
Babies with divorced or separated parents who spend one or more nights each week away from their mothers develop more insecure attachments than infants who only saw their fathers during the day.
Parental education, not better filtering, is the key to keeping children safe online. That is the view of Society member and internet author Graham Jones.
One of the main arguments for having more police is that they act as a deterrent. With more officers on the street, more would-be criminals can be stopped and questioned; more wrong-doers can be arrested.
Levels of happiness among children in the UK have dropped, with teenagers experiencing particularly low well-being.
Young people are more likely to be distracted when walking than their older counterparts.
More childcare should be available for parents at their son or daughter's school, a new report has suggested.
Mindfulness can play a role in helping to combat stress and depression in schoolchildren, new research has found.
Working mothers feel they are failing their kids if they don’t cook family meals from scratch. 
Welcome to the website for our 2014 Annual Conference to be held on 7-9 May in Birmingham at the International Convention Centre (ICC) which is located right in the heart of England'
The government's Troubled Families programme is set to be
Women at risk of suffering post-natal depression (PND) could be identified thanks to a new blood test costing just £10.00.
Young people in the UK should be taught more about mental health issues, it has been claimed.
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