Children and Family

New research carried out by Nicole Campione-Barr, an Assistant Professor of Psychological Science in the College of Arts and Science at the University of Missouri has
Children's sense of God's closeness is apparently related, not to their mother's religiosity, but to their mother's attachment style - that is, whether the mother is calm and confident in her relationships or anxious and uncertain. 
Psychological therapies may benefit children suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
Behaviour in adolescence could be impacted by the wider economic conditions of a young person's childhood.
We teach our kids that it is wrong to lie, even though most of us do it every day. In fact, it is often our children who we are lying to.
Earlier this year we published our Technique Is Not Enough (TINE) framework.
The friendships boys enjoy between the ages of nine and 13 could be strengthened through engaging in social networking, new findings have suggested.
Young children with enhanced language skills become better able to manage their frustration over the years ahead.
Physically fit children appear to be outscoring their less active classmates in academic work.
Postpartum women process stress differently from females who have not recently given birth.
A young person may be more likely to attempt suicide within two years of a parent trying to take their own life, new research has suggested.
You're a cheeky 10-month-old, an expert crawler able to move with impressive speed on your hands and knees. The world is your oyster, so why do you bother staggering to your feet to become a doddering, novice walker?
Teenagers are more likely to experience emotional and substance abuse problems as a consequence of being in an abusive relationship.
High levels of stress at home in early childhood can be linked to differences in brain function and anxiety in adolescent females.
Young people are surprisingly eager to tie the knot and settle down.
Bullying can lead to symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), new research has found.
Being a good partner in a relationship may make people better parents, as upholding a good relationship with a person uses the same set of skills necessary for nurturing children.
Parents undergoing a novel antenatal class that focused on helping understand the world from the infants' perspective are more likely to develop better relationships with their child. This is the finding from a study being presented today as part of the Division of Clinical Psychology’s annual conference.
Intimate partner violence may be more likely to occur in relationships where both individuals are in employment.
Teenagers are more likely to suffer from depression if they see their parents arguing often.
The fears children have at night time could lead to greater risk of anxiety in later life, new research has found.
Adopting a child can lead to a person experiencing improved psychological wellbeing, new research has suggested.
Women who experience depression during pregnancy could be at increased risk of suicide in later life.
The mental health of young girls can be boosted by taking part in dance activities.
Teenagers who take art courses after school may be more likely to suffer from depression than those who do not participate in these activities.
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