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Students can be confident that their time at university will pay off in the long run, new research has suggested.
Learning among both young and old people can be improved through testing.
Find out more about what psychology is and what psychologists do at the UK’s largest celebration of science and engineering for young people ‘The Big Bang Fair’ in London at the ExCel next week (March 14th to 17th).
This year’s Lifetime Achievement Award from our Division of Occupational Psychology (DOP) was presented to Dr Pat Lindley at a ceremony held in London last month.
Britain’s Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme is now the largest programme of psychological intervention in history, the final session of our Division of Clinical Psychology’s Annual C
A new National Statistics report on the psychology services workforce in NHSScotland has been published.
The setting up of new universities in England should result in students having more higher education opportunities.
A sixth-former has received a national award from the British Psychological Society after gaining the country's top exam marks.
We are pleased to announce the online launch of our Directory of Voluntary Careers Speakers. Our free service helps provide a link between teachers, lecturers and careers advisers who are looking for inspirational and informative speakers and our members. 
In the future, students who have taken drugs that give them an advantage by increasing alertness and focus could be found out by tests.
Greater self-confidence can be a key determinant of progression in the workplace.
Sitting a test can help schoolchildren to learn, in addition to serving as an assessment tool.
Leadership of Psychological therapy services, teams and departments has never been more important, yet many in the Applied Psychology professions believe their core training leaves them ill-equipped for the challenge.
Leadership demands have changed enormously in recent years, reflecting the challenges faced by organisations in an increasingly turbulent world, with fewer resources than ever available to sustain performance.
Psychological and mental health services are currently going through a huge change agenda in order to survive. There are expectations for increased productivity as well as quality demonstrated by a wide ranging performance targets.
In order to be a supervisor for the Society’s Qualification in Occupational Psychology (Stage 2) you must:
Prospective Candidates Please note that as of 1 January 2012 all candidates are enrolled under the 2012 handbook regulations. 
We are currently not recruiting.  Please come back later in the year for details of vacancies.  
Pat Ramsey, the Northern Irish Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP) Employment and Learning Spokesman and Member of the Legislative Assembly for Foyle, is calling on the Ministry for Health to provide more support for newly-qualified psycholo
In a new study, Adriene Beltz and her team have studied males and females with congenital adrenal hyperplesia: a genetic condition, which for women involves exposure to higher-than-usual levels of testosterone and other androgens in the womb.
Like thousands of students across the country, you have just received your A level results.
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