A crisis changes everything. Friends are gone, and survivors must adapt to a new, dangerous environment. In the aftermath, predators circle to exploit the weak and vulnerable.
People who are bullied during childhood could experience health problems later on - but the same is not true for their tormentors, according to new research.
A new report from the Anti-Bullying Alliance (ABA) has
The assessment and treatment of depression usually deals with negative verbal thoughts as if they are distinct from negative mental imagery and perceptual sensations.
A growing number of young people are contacting ChildLine after experiencing bullying via the internet. The charity dealt with 2,410 cases of online bullying during 2011-12, but this went up to 4,507 during 2012-13.
People who experience bullying could go on to develop psychosis years later - and it is not just the victims who are affected, a new
A rise in self-harm instances among young people in the UK has been blamed on the increasing pressures these individuals are under.
Being exposed to bullying in childhood can have adverse outcomes well into adulthood, new research
Bullying among young people has been identified as a public health problem by an expert panel.
Being bullied as a child can increase the risk that a person might self-harm during late adolescence.
Taking part in team sports could help to reduce the likelihood of boys being the victim of bullying.
The way in which children express their sense of humour at school can affect their likelihood of being bullied, according a new study.
Exposure to negative parenting can increase the risk of a child being subject to bullying, new research has found.
Child bullying victims are at increased risk of suffering from anxiety disorders when they become adults.
Children considered cool may be more likely to bully than those of lower social standing in the classroom.
Autistic children who are the subject of bullying could face short-term emotional consequences, new
Bullying can lead to symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), new research has found.
Long-term health consequences are likely to be felt when a child is bullied at a young age.
New research published in the Journal of Communication suggests that children may learn about gossiping and friend manipulation by watching television sh
Young carers need to be given more support at school, a new report says.
Children who suffer from asthma may be more likely to be subjected to bullying than those without the condition.
Assisting a person being subjected to bullying can result in an individual experiencing psychological rewards, new research has suggested.
Cyberbullying occurs less frequently than intimation of this type seen in real life.
Psychological distress in female students is becoming an issue of increasing concern, new research has suggested.
Children can be seriously affected by being called hurtful names, a new study has found.
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