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The second fortnightly Psychology FM broadcast goes out on the Manchester radio station ALL FM on Wednesday 19 February at 11am and will look at neuropsychology.
This morning’s BBC Radio 4 Today programme featured the work of researchers at Plymouth University's Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research who have begun investigating whether music and technology could help dementia sufferers remem
Psychologists estimate that around 4 per cent of the population have a specific impairment affecting their processing of pitch.
Psychology will be taking over Manchester’s airwaves to bring science directly to the public.
Giving young people access to music therapy could help them to cope with the pain and mental distress caused by cancer treatment, a new study has indicated.
Crime shows have always been popular on British TV, but detective-based programmes appear to be enjoying a particular renaissance at present - and one expert believes he knows why.
Repeatedly viewing media images of disturbing events such as terrorist attacks could have a negative effect on people's mental health, according to a new
Exposing children to too much television from an early age could be damaging their ability to read social situations, a new study has found.
People who play computer games together appear to mimic each other's emotional behaviour, according to a new study.
This Christmas, Doctor Who will undergo another of his periodic regenerations as Peter Capaldi takes over the role from Matt Smith. The process, argues Chartered Psychologist Sarita Jane Robinson, can be seen as a metaphor for adolescence.
New figures from the Health and Social Care Information Centre show that the number of children being treated for eating disorders has increased rapidly.
As you may have gathered, today marks the 50th anniversary of the first episode of Doctor Who.
"Out, damned spot!" cries a guilt-ridden Lady Macbeth as she desperately washes her hands in the vain pursuit of a clear conscience.
After Aaron Alexis shot dead 12 people at the Navy Yard in Washington DC in September, media outlets were quick to highlight his reported enjoyment of violent video games.
In the competition for readers' mouse clicks, a favoured trick is to phrase headlines as questions. This isn't an Internet innovation. As a way to grab attention, question headlines have been recommended by editors and marketeers for decades.
Professor Tanya Byron, clinical psychologist and TV presenter, is the next castaway on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs. You can hear her talk about her life and choose eight records at 11:15 on Sunday 27 October.
The second Thor movie opens in the UK later this week. Is it worth paying the extra to see Thor's hammer in three dimensions?
Men with masculine voices attract women, especially for shorter-term relationships.
Thursday 9 October was psychology day at the The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival.
Today is ‘Psychology Day’ at the Cheltenham Literature Festival containing sessions sponsored by British Psychological Society.
Literary fiction takes the reader on a journey into other worlds, other lives, other minds.
The Society is sponsoring three sessions at the Cheltenham Literary Festival next month. All three will take place on Wednesday 9 October in the Salon, Montpelier Gardens.
Young adults today have an emotional connection with music that was popular when their parents were younger, new r
A British Psychological Society funded project that aims to communicate a number of statistical psychological concepts through expressive dance started filming at The Siobhan Davies Dance Studio in London this month. 
People who play video games may be less able to inhibit their impulsive behaviour as a consequence.
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