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With six times more researchers working on cancer than dementia in the UK, the Alzheimer’s Society has launched a new programme aimed at attracting talented individuals to de
Simple training in cognitive techniques may help to provide a lasting boost to the mental reasoning of elderly people and perhaps even prevent the intellectual decline that is often experienced in old age, according to a new study at Johns Hopkins
A new poll carried out by the Red Cross has found that an alarming number of people could be attempting to bear the pain of serious issues by themselves because they feel they have nobody to turn to.
Learning outcomes and objectives  Recent developments in psychological approaches to distressing psychosis. Develop knowledge of clinical approaches to distressing voices. Greater understand
Welcome to the Faculty for the Psychology of Older People (FPOP, also known as PSIGE) The Faculty of the Psychology of Older People provides a forum for psychologists with an interest in work with older people.
People who speak a second language are less likely to suffer the effects of dementia in early life, the largest study on the topic to date has found. Research by Nizam's Ins
More money will be spent on dementia research in the next decade so that progress can hopefully be made in beating the degenerative and incurable brain disease, the government has promised.
The Older People's Commissioner for Wales has said that some carers are at breaking point because of the stress of having to look after their loved ones with very little assistance from outside organisations.
TV personality Esther Rantzen has launched a new helpline that she hopes will provide a lifeline to elderly people who are struggling with the effects of loneliness.
Many people will be looking forward to the end of their working life and the prospect of a lengthy retirement ahead of them. However, a new study has revealed that some retirees may find themselves at a loss for things to do.
Learning new skills can help to keep an older person's mind sharp, new research has suggested.
A person is less likely to experience cognitive decline later in life if they take part in and enjoy demanding activities.
Older adults are able to tell their partner's mood even when they are not present, thanks to the use of acquired knowledge.
Current research and practice in the psychological and psychosocial aspects of dementia and dementia care are the focus of a free British Psychological Society event in London today.
Doctors may be able to recognise signs of early dementia by asking patients to identify images of celebrities.
The drive in the UK and US towards early diagnosis of dementia is not backed by evidence of benefit, says a study published in the British Journal of Medicine.
People are choosing to adopt healthier lifestyles later in life, new research has suggested.
Care homes in the UK need to be revamped so that the next generation of old people are willing to live in them.
Older people who live in the English countryside often feel stranded, isolated and lonely.
A scheme launched in Scotland is aiming to improve the experiences of dementia patients and their carers in hospital se
Elderly people are now able to combat loneliness by developing new friendships online.
Today’s 90-year-olds display better mental performance than ever, according to a Danish study published in The Lancet this week. 
Twenty hospitals that are failing dementia patients will be named following an audit led by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.  
Welcome to the website for our 2014 Annual Conference to be held on 7-9 May in Birmingham at the International Convention Centre (ICC) which is located right in the heart of England'
Society should have a more favourable attitude towards sexual activity in older people because of the many benefits it brings. That is the message of a paper being presented by Dr David Weeks at the annual conference of our Faculty of the Psychology of Older People in Colchester.
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