The social dynamic of a reluctant non-drinker coerced to join in with the drinking majority will be familiar to many readers.
Teenagers in the UK are not being deterred from smoking by current cigarette packs, new research has shown.
The environment in which a person drinks may play a role in instances of domestic violence, new research has indicated.
Young people may be more likely to start smoking if they are impulsive and achieve poor grades, new research has suggested.
Standardised cigarette packaging may reduce acute cravings and are associated with less favourable perceptions of appeal, taste, popularity and motivation to buy than branded packs. 
Moderate wine consumption may be linked with a lower risk of depression, new research has indicated.
Through the our partnership with Joint Commissioning Panel for Mental Health (JCPMH) the British Psychological Society has contributed to a new guide for commissioners of drug and alcohol services.
Addictions are notoriously difficult to treat and relapse is the norm rather than the exception. This one day CPD event seeks to explore some new directions in the development of CBT in Addiction.
Children who consume alcohol at a young age may be more likely to drink heavily in later life.
Plans to introduce plain cigarette packaging in order to make the products less attractive to smokers have been put on hold. The government has delayed introducing the measure until it sees how well the approach works in Australia, reports BBC News.
The stress former smokers feel following a major disaster could cause them to take up the habit once again.
Regularly smoking cannabis may be more common among people with mental illness than it is for those without such a condition.
Experiencing discrimination could lead to a person taking more risks in life, new research has sug
People may be more likely to suffer alcohol or drug problems as a consequence of negative emotionality.
Teenagers are more likely to experience emotional and substance abuse problems as a consequence of being in an abusive relationship.
Men and women appear to benefit in different ways to participating in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in order to maintain sobriety.
Young adults undergoing treatment for addiction may benefit from regular participation in 12 step-based self-help schemes after they are discharged.
Professor Andy Parrott says he agreed to take part in the recent Channel 4 programme about Ecstasy (MDMA) on condition that he would be
The memory of a non-smoker could be damaged if they live with a cigarette user, new research has found.
New research has identified a link between a young person's popularity and the likelihood they will take up smoking.
Addiction to the internet may be a real problem and not simply a figment of a person's imagination.
A study investigating addiction to binge drinking and joblessness has revealed an association between women who imbibe heavily and unemployment.
A new initiative is aiming to provide positive reinforcement for drug-free athletes at this year's London Olympic Games.
People who attempt to change one of their bad habits may find the action helps to alter other tendencies they wish to rid themselves of.
People could be helped to quit their smoking habits by taking up greater levels of exercise, new research has suggested.
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