Some people are more likely to turn violent when drunk because of one particular personality trait, new research has found.
A new service has been launched in an effort to combat the problems caused in the workplace through employees drinking alcohol.
There is a direct link between longer bar opening times and increases in violence, new research has suggested.
Bright children who perform well in IQ tests may be more likely to indulge in illegal drug use later in life.
Young people who choose to volunteer are less likely to abuse substances, new research has suggested.
When our autobiographical memory lets us down, how do we reconstruct the lost chapters? Two psychologists have identified the perfect population for investigating this very question.
Taking amphetamines could cause individuals to indulge in more risk-taking behaviour, new research has suggested.
People hoping to give up cigarettes find it harder to quit when they see other individuals smoking.
While many students grow out of their heavy drinking tendencies once they finish university, some undergraduates who imbibe significant amounts are likely to continue having alcohol-related problems in later life, a new study has shown.
People with a history of depression who smoke on a regular basis may be more likely to experience repeat episodes of the condition because of their habit, new research has shown.
A new advertising campaign has been launched encouraging teenagers to get in touch with the impartial information service Frank, which offers advice to people regarding the dangers of taking drugs.
It is hoped that moves to make the sale of cigarettes from vending machines illegal in England will help prevent young people from picking up the habit.
A person's personality can be significantly altered via a single high dose of the hallucinogen psilocybin - an ingredient found in magic mushrooms.
Young people with an unhealthy addiction want to recover and are willing to make the changes needed in order to be successful in their aims.
People whose parents are alcoholics are more likely to drink themselves when facing stressful situations.
Teenagers may be more likely to take up smoking should they see film stars enjoying cigarettes on-screen, new research has suggested.
A person's memory can be boosted when he or she successfully gives up smoking, new research has suggested.
Both personal and societal factors play a role in a person's binge drinking habits, new research has suggested.
People wishing to give up smoking need to be persistent if they are to kick the habit for good.
The father of the late singer Amy Winehouse says there should be more support available for young people who are battling addictions.
A British psychologist has questioned claims that medical treatment can be "very effective" for people who are addicted to the internet.
With the Tour de France due to finish in Paris on Sunday, a Chartered Psychologist has been talking about the physical – and mental – effort required of the competing cyclists.
Psychologists have been debating how helpful brief interventions are in helping younr people who smoke cannabis.
People eager to quit smoking may find they are able to do so with the help of text messaging. New research published in The Lancet has shown that support through this medium can double the chance of smokers kicking the habit for good.
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