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The day will provide an introduction to working with the body within a talking therapy. It develops ideas that are based on the new understanding of the neurobiological substrates of trauma reactions and uses mindfulness as a tool.
‘Taking Care, Giving Care’: Clinical Psychology in 2013’
The correlation between childhood trauma & increased risk of psychosis in adult life has been well documented (eg Read et al, 2005; Varese et al, 2012).
An opportunity for clinical psychologists, especially those working in settings where there are no specialist neuropsychologists, to update their practice and increase skills in undertaking cognitive assessments of children and young people.
  For more information please visit the DCP Faculty for Perinatal Psychology website. 
Definitions and context is now over 10 years old and has recently been subject of critical evaluation.
The events at Winterbourne view have yet again highlighted that poor practice did not end when the last enquiry concluded.
This event is fully booked. Resilience is about personal control over personal attitudes towards events that may threaten personal success and happiness.
A day with a variety of presentations covering some of the varied work of the Holistic Faculty. 
  Empowerment and the Human Spirit: Widening the Evidence Base Yn galluogi'r'n ddynol hysbryd: Yn lledu'r braw seilia The Division of Counselling Psycholo
The workshop will introduce participants to research and practice in team formulation, and will use examples and exercises to develop confidence and skills in this area.
This event is fully booked. 
This workshop aims to provide the participants with the knowledge needed to become a reliable and sought after expert witness in the civil courts. Unfortunately this event is cancelled
This workshop is cancelled. The workshop draws together extensive research and practical experience to provide participants with a simple, systematic process (CLEAR IDEA©) for creatively generating and implementing solutio
This workshop is for people who wish to learn more about mindfulness and mindfulness-based approached.
The conference will be of interest to aspiring, trainee and qualified clinical psychologists and consultant clinical psychologists as the theme is on leadership opportunities and challenges for clinical psychologists over the next decade. 
This event is fully booked.
This is the first of a series of four workshops to facilitate supervisors, or would-be supervisors, to develop, reflect on and refine their own personal practice, tailored to their approach, the context in which they work, and their client group/s
This workshop will strike a balance between the facilitators’ sharing their knowledge of working in the UK and Cambodia and encouraging participants to share and reflect upon their own practice.
Poor teaching & training is neither ethical or professional. The underpinning philosophy of this workshop is  to improve the effectiveness of teaching and training in both academic and applied psychology.
Formulation is a key competence for all clinical psychologists. Team formulation is a more recent and specialised development in the area. There are a number of current projects and evaluations by the facilitators and others.
This workshop will outline the Timid to Tiger approach to managing anxiety in children aged nine years or below. Timid to Tiger is an entirely parenting-based approach.
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