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Event information Episodic tension type head pain (ETTH) affects up to 82% of individuals from time to time (Russel, 2005), making this the most prevalent primary headache disorder when compared with migraine which impacts up to 15% of the
Have you thought about taking on a committee role? It's work but it's fun.  Come along and find out more.
Event information How do you give your client permission to bring sex into the session?
Event information In this presentation, Professor MacLennan asks how much has coaching moved on scientifically since he wrote his best-selling book "Coaching and Mentoring" 21 years ago?
Event information Third in the [email protected] Seminar Series.  Technology has transformed how we apply psychology to assessment and selection over the last 15 years; but what happens next?
Event information Fourth in the [email protected] Series, this session will show you how techniques drawn from theatrical and comedy improvisation can be applied to improve communication, creativity, teamworking and leadership in the workpla
Speaker information Daniel Jolley is a Lecturer in Psychology at Staffordshire University.  He is interested in the psychology of conspiracy theories, which are blooming in the 21st century.  Whilst psychologists
Event information Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is characterised by impairments in social communication and interaction, combined with cognitive-behavioural inflexibility.
Event information The field of personality psychology is concerned with systematic variation between individuals, what causes those differences and how they relate to real-world outcomes.
Event information This talk will explore ways of listening to children and young people, using deep philosophical questions, the aim being to discover inner motivations, wishes, desires, and consequently to enhance learning and life p
Event information This talk will start with a brief personal history and some words about the origins of Psychosexual Medicine.
Event information Dr Pelham Carter will discuss some of the similarities and stark differences between online and ‘offline’ research.
The British Psychological Society's Wessex Branch and Bournemouth University welcome you to the 2016 Student Conference on Saturday 23 April at Bournemouth University.
The DCP Faculty for Clinical Health Psychology presents its annual AGM and CPD event, '30 years of HIV: Clinical Interventions to address the Impact on Stigma'  Faculty of Clinical Health Psychology AGM will be held between 12.30 and
Event information In this talk Professor Lawthom will draw upon a recent collaborative project, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, which explores how people with the label of learning disabilities have fared under increasi
Event information All Walks Beyond the Catwalk was founded in 2009 by fashion insiders to stage a diversity intervention.
DCP Yorkshire and Humber members are invited to the branch AGM to be followed by a DCP wide professional issues workshop by Professor Nigel Beail. Registration information This events is free.
Event information Where did Adam Levine’s internal organs go? Will feeling guilty about that cake really make you go to the gym tomorrow? And why does it matter what jacket Christine Lagarde is wearing?
Do psychologists study real-world problems?  A facilitated discussion about the usefulness of psychological practice followed by consideration of the employment issues facing young people in the UK today.
Thanks to all those who have renewed their BPS membership. For those who don’t pay by direct debit BPS membership was due for renewal by 31 January 2016.
Event information It has been estimated that more than 80% of criminal cases are solved by a confession, and any conviction based on a confession alone is considered to be safe as the law, and juries, assume that a person would not confess
Event information The excitement about the application of mindfulness meditation within a variety of settings has led to the proliferation of literature pervaded by a lack of conceputal and methodological self-criticism. 
Event information Graham's career has been spent working both in industry (BAE Systems - formerly British Aerospace) and academia (currently at the University of Gloucestershire).
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