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Event information The BPS West Midlands Branch is excited to announce that their 2-16 Annual Conference will be held at Birmingham City University in the heart of the city.
Event information A joint event with Queen's University Belfast School of Psychology.
Event information The Division of Counselling Psychology is pleased to announce the 27th trainee workshop for trainees and undergraduates who are In Training Members of the Division.  This event is free to attend for i
Event information Career path talks should be of interest to graduate psychology students and others considering further training and careers in these specialisms. 
Event information There is a long history of debate about biological sex differences and their part in determining gender roles, with the ‘biology is destiny’ mantra being used to legitimise imbalances in these roles.
  Could acting and crime be linked?  Ben Humphrey explores... Set evening meals are available at £5 after the talk.  Orders will be taken on arrival.
Event information We are thrilled to offer the opportunity to attend a free 2 hour interactive workshop.  The session is aimed at students, practitioners, academics and anyone interested in learning more about the psychology of green
The North East of England Branch (BPS) Student Conference will be held on 6th June 2016 at Teesside University.
Event information It has previously been estimated that confession evidence has played a role in solving more than 80% of criminal cases, and it is considered that any conviction based on a confession alone is considered to be safe as the
Speaker information Robin Dunbar is Professor of Evolutionary Psychology at the University of Oxford, and a Fellow of Magdalen College.
Event information This event is designed for those already in independent practice as well as psychologists who are thinking about this way of working. Timetable
Event information This seminar will focus on psychologists’ roles as spokespersons within debates about marriage as well as psychological research on same-sex couples; and on public opinion about the right to marry another person without r
Event information Mindfulness is a hot topic at the moment and many organisations such as Google and Unilever are offering training to their staff to enhance their creativity, resilience, engagement and general well being to name just a fe
Event information Learning agility is the ability and motivation to learn from experience and apply it in first-time situations.
Event information Fifth in the [email protected] Seminar Series During this Seminar We Will Consider: * What Psychologists know about Work-Life Balance and why “one size doesn’t fit all”.
Event information Rehabilitation and Recovery Services Network study day 2016 The day will feature a series of presentations and workshops relating to the work of psychologists in rehabilitation services, including:
Event information Advances in medical technology have led to family structures that were not previously possible; a woman can give birth to, a child who is not genetically related to her.
Event information 10.15 - Visitors arrive at Grendon gate 10.45 - Visitors and residents go to Conference Centre 11.00 - Introduction to the day 11.10 - Presentation by Dr Karen Slade part 1 13.00 - Lunch
Event information Engineering Psychology and Human Factors Integration are integral to Systems Engineering (SE), since without the user the system is incomplete and there are few, if any emergent properties.
Event information Episodic tension type head pain (ETTH) affects up to 82% of individuals from time to time (Russel, 2005), making this the most prevalent primary headache disorder when compared with migraine which impacts up to 15% of the
Have you thought about taking on a committee role? It's work but it's fun.  Come along and find out more.
Event information How do you give your client permission to bring sex into the session?
Event information In this presentation, Professor MacLennan asks how much has coaching moved on scientifically since he wrote his best-selling book "Coaching and Mentoring" 21 years ago?
Event information Third in the [email protected] Seminar Series.  Technology has transformed how we apply psychology to assessment and selection over the last 15 years; but what happens next?
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