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Real lives in psychology

Without people there would be very little psychological research. Yet too often the individual is reduced to a data point, and we forget that the person has a voice, is changed by participation in psychological research and has the potential to impact upon the process in return.

To address this, a new series begins this month in The Psychologist magazine. ‘Viewpoints’ hears the voices of those who have taken part in psychological research or practice, alongside perspectives from the psychologists and others who may put those findings into practice.

The series will be co-ordinated by Dr Catherine Loveday from the University of Westminster: ‘Whenever I talk about real cases, real lives, the students love it, and it sparks discussion and ideas. I hope that “Viewpoints” will show that our discipline is about people, about personal stories… they are changed by psychology, but they change psychology as well.’

In ‘The cost of caregiving’, the first contribution, The Psychologist hears from the mother of an autistic child. She talks about the challenges involved, what it was like to participate in psychological research at Northumbria University, and what she would like to learn from psychology. The article also includes the viewpoints of researchers Brian Lovell and Mark Wetherell, plus two NHS psychologists.