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General guidelines & policy documents

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Guidance for registered psychologists in making applications to the BPS Approved Clinician Peer Review panelDescription:  This guidance is for Applicants who wish to use the British Psychological Society (BPS) Approved Clinician Peer Review Panel (‘the BPS Panel’) as part of a recommended governance procedure in preparing a submission to a Regional Panel for approval as an approved clinician (AC). It should provide Applicants with a general guide to the approvals process, especially the identification, acquisition and demonstration of the required competencies. The guidance is consistent with the new Department of Health (DoH) Guidance Seeking Approved Clinician Status via the Portfolio Route (2016) adopted by all Regional Panels for all eligible professions.
Author: John L. Taylor & Bruce T. Gilmer
Publication date: 2015
Size: 40 pages
Cost: Free
Guidance on teaching and assessment of ethical competence in psychology education

Description: This guidance is designed to provide a framework for good practice in the teaching and assessment of ethical competence in psychology education.
Author: The British Psychological Society Ethics Committee
Publication date: 2015
Size: 40 pages
Cost: Free

Children and Young People with Neuro-Disabilities in the Criminal Justice System

Description: This purpose statement details the Society's views on children and young people with neuro-disabilities coming into contact with the criminal justice system. 
Author: The British Psychological Society
Publication date: 2015
Size: 12 pages
Cost: FREE

Diagnosis - Policy and GuidanceDescription: Outlines the Society's policy on mental and behavioural disorder classification systems
Author: Professional Practice Board
Publication date: 2013
Size: 103KB; 3 pages
Cost: FREE

Position Statement - Therapies Attempting to Change Sexual Orientation

Description: British Psychological Society position statement opposing sexual orientation conversion therapies.
Author: Psychology of Sexualities Section Committee 
Publication date: 2013 
Size: 113KB
Cost: FREE

Data Protection Act 1998 – Guidelines for Psychologists 

Description: A brief explanation of the requirements of the DPA (1998) based on the contents of the Act and Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) advice
Author: Professional Practice Board
Publication date: 2009
Size: 77KB; 2 pages
Cost: FREE

Discussion Paper - Neuroethics and British Psychological Society Research Ethics Code

Description: The aim of this paper is to generate dialogue around the potential neuroethical risks that society members may encounter during their research and recommend potential avenues to alleviate such risk.
Author: Dr Carl Senior and Professor John Oates
Publication date: 2017
Size: 303KB; 29 pages
Cost: FREE

The Future of Undergraduate Psychology in the United Kingdom


Description: The Psychology Network, the British Psychological Society and the Association of Heads of Psychology discuss whether changes in undergraduate psychology education will be needed to ensure that it is fit for purpose in five years time.
Author: Higher Education Academy Psychology Network
Publication date: 2011
Size: 512KB; 52 pages
Cost: FREE

Society Editorial Style Guide

Description: A guide for authors, editors, and members involved in producing written material for publication by the Society. Includes section on citation of sources
Author: Peter Dillon-Hooper
Publication date: 2015
Size: 83 pages
Cost: FREE

The Future of A-level Psychology

Description: Examining the future of the psychology A Level, this document is split into five sections: Preparing students for higher education; Perceptions of A-level Psychology; Variability in current A-level curricula; Practical work; and Building the community of psychologists involved psychology education.
Author: Psychology Education Board                              
Publication date:
Size: 360KB; 51 pages
Cost: FREE

Psychologists as Expert Witnesses - Guidelines and Procedures for England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Description: A guide for psychologists on acting as an expert witness covering both ethical principles and practicalities.
Publication date: 2015
Size: 370KB; 36 pages
Cost: FREE

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