Member Network publications

Many of the Society’s Member Networks have their own newsletters and other publications. Follow the links below to learn more about the individual titles.

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  • Division of Academic, Researchers and Teachers in Psychology - Psychology Teaching Review
  • Division of Clinical Psychology - Clinical Psychology Forum
  • Division of Counselling Psychology - Counselling Psychology Review and Newsletter
  • Division of Educational & Child Psychology - DECP Debate and Educational and Child Psychology
  • Division of Forensic Psychology - Forensic Update
  • Division of Health Psychology - Health Psychology Update
  • Division of Neuropsychology - Newsletter
  • Division of Occupational Psychology - OP Matters
  • Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology - Sport and Exercise Psychology Review
  • Scottish Division of Educational Psychology - Educational Psychology in Scotland and Newsletter

Sections and Special Groups

  • Consciousness and Experiential Section - Consciousness & Experiential Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology Section - Developmental Psychology Forum
  • History and Philosophy of Psychology Section - History and Philosophy of Psychology
  • Psychobiology Section - Psychobiology Section Review
  • Psychology of Education Section - Psychology of Education Review and Vernon Wall Lectures
  • Psychology of Sexualities Section - Psychology of Sexualities Review
  • Psychology of Women Section - Psychology of Women Section Review
  • Psychotherapy Section - Psychotherapy Section Review
  • Qualitative Methods in Psychology Section - Qualitative Methods in Psychology
  • Social Psychology Section - Social Psychology Review
  • Transpersonal Psychology Section - Transpersonal Psychology Review
  • Special Group in Coaching Psychology - International Coaching Psychology Review and The Coaching Psychologist


  • North East of England Branch - Newsletter
  • North West Branch - The Update
  • Northern Ireland Branch - Newsletter
  • South West Branch - South West Review
  • Scottish Branch - Bulletin
  • Wessex Branch - Newsletter

Division of Clinical Psychology Faculties and Branches

  • Faculty for Children, Young People & their Families - Child and Family Clinical Psychology Review
  • Faculty for Learning Disabilities - Clinical Psychology & People with Learning Disabilities
  • Northern Ireland - Newsletter
  • Scotland - Newsletter


  • Psychological Testing Centre - Assessment and Development Matters
  • Student Members - Psych-Talk
  • Psychology Postgraduate Affairs Group - The Quarterly