Evidence-Based Mental Health

Evidence-Based Mental Health (EBMH) is a journal which includes key published papers and exclusive expert contributions.

Published 4 times a year, EBMH is edited by Professor Graham Towl, Chartered Psychologist; the first psychologist to be appointed editor of this eminent journal.

EBMH is owned and published by the Society in partnership with The Royal College of Psychiatry, and BMJ.

“As a practitioner I particularly like the expert commentary that accompanies the articles. This is easy to follow and identifies relevant points in the research papers reviewed.”

Carole Allan, Chartered Psychologist and Society President 2011-2012

What makes this journal unique?

This invaluable publication surveys a vast range of international medical journals and selects 24 vital research articles for every issue.

The key details of these essential studies are presented in a succinct, informative abstract with an expert commentary on its clinical application.


EBMH also includes a recommended reading list of high quality articles that were not included. This ensures that you have a ready-made reading list.

How does EBMH maintain such a high standard of content?

Practising clinicians assess the clinical importance of the best studies in mental health by scouring over 50 journals and around 25,000 articles every year.

A strict criterion for the quality and validity of research is applied for every abstract included in the journal to ensure you get all the research material you need throughout the year.

How to ensure you can get your hands on EBMH:

Society members save up to £44 on an annual subscription. EBMH is published quarterly, in February, May, August, and November.

Subscription Information:

Society Members:
Print & Online: £65
Online only: £37

Society members can subscribe to EBMH at a discounted rate.

Non-Society Members:
Print & Online: £109
Online only: £61

Non-Society members can subscribe at the full rate by visiting the EBMH webpage.