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Journals copyright information

Third party use

Where permission is sought for quotation in whole or in part in a third party’s publication, this will be contingent upon that party seeking written consent through RightsLink; permission will not be unreasonably withheld.

Information for authors of papers accepted since November 2010

Authors should consult their Copyright Transfer Agreement, which includes full information about permitted use by contributors.

Information for authors of papers accepted before November 2010

Permitted use

It is the Society’s policy to allow authors to re-use their own work as they see fit. Authors do not need to seek permission from the Society to photocopy their own work or use it as part of a course pack for teaching purposes. Re-use of part or all of an article by an author in other publications written, edited or compiled by them is also permitted but republication of whole articles is not permitted until 6 months after hard-copy publication in the Society’s journal. Such permission is subject to the restrictions stipulated in the author self-archive/open access policy detailed below, and the journal must also be acknowledged as the original published source of the material in the following format:

'Reproduced with permission from [journal name] © The British Psychological Society [year]'.

Author self-archive/open access policy

Authors are encouraged to place a copy of their article on an institutional or other repository 6 months after publication in the journal, subject to the permitted use conditions above. However, it is not permitted for authors to use the final proofed and typeset version of the article for this purpose. They are required instead to use the postprint version of the paper (the final accepted version of the paper after peer review but before proofreading and typesetting). In addition, at least one link must also be provided to the published version of the article on the Society’s website from the repository.