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BJEP Monograph Series II: Part 8 Educational Neuroscience OLD

Society monograph, 'Educational Neuroscience' is available now from the BPS Shop for individual and institutional use.

Continuing the series which has focused on Psychological Aspects of Education – Current Trends, this publication is number eight in the British Journal of Educational Psychology’s Monograph Series II.

Educational neuroscience is an emerging discipline that brings together educational practitioners and cognitive neuroscientists to look at how science can be applied to educational practice.

Developed from international papers given at the UK’s first educational neuroscience conference, this monograph maps out the latest findings on how to promote better learning.

Professor Diana Laurillard, co-editor of 'Educational Neuroscience' from the University of London, says: "The easy to follow studies are state-of the art, bringing together some of the foremost educators and cognitive neuroscientists working in educational neuroscience today.

“The authors are passionate about creating a solid scientific and practical foundation for developing a better understanding of how to help students learn.”

The monograph includes papers from leading international researchers to show how literacy, numeracy, social, emotional and conceptual development could be enhanced by the deeper understanding of cognition and learning offered by neuroscience.

Professor Laurillard adds: "Educational neuroscience is an exciting new field. Teachers and educational psychologists are intrigued by what neuroscience might have to tell them about learning, but their findings are not always interpretable for education. With this monograph, we believe that help is at hand.”

The BJEP’s Monograph Series publishes papers from conferences on psychological aspects of education, in which invited world-renowned researchers provide updates on the newest advances in their fields and consideration of the results.

Purchasing 'Educational Neuroscience'

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Contents of 'Educational Neuroscience'

Educational Neuroscience: Introduction
Norah Frederickson and Diana Laurillard

How to build Educational Neuroscience: Two approaches with concrete instances
Daniel L. Schwartz, Kristen Blair and Jessica Tsang

Low numeracy and dyscalculia: Cognitive theory, neuroscience and intervention
Brian Butterworth

Developmental dyscalculia: A case for neuroscience in education
Gavin R. Price and Daniel Ansari

How understanding mathematical learning disability may guide mathematics teaching
Marie-Pascale Noël and Laurence Rousselle

Neuroscience and knowledge acquisition in curriculum contexts: Modelling conceptual development in school science
Christine Howe

Structural and functional development of rostral prefrontal cortex in adolescence: Implications for education
Iroise Dumontheil and Sarah-Jayne Blakemore

Teaching emotion recognition to children with autism spectrum conditions
Simon Baron-Cohen, Ofer Golan and Emma Ashwin

Neuroscience and Education: Can we go from basic research to translation? A possible framework from dyslexia research
Usha Goswami

Brain plasticity and education
Michael S. C. Thomas