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Previous grant recipients

Previous Grant Recipients

Below is a list of previous engagement grant recipients to have received a grant to help communicate psychology and its services to the public.

2013 Public Engagement Grant Recipients 

Launch of the Face Blindness Awareness Campaign

Dr Sarah Bate, Bournemouth University

Psychology FM: Challenging disability and embracing the community

Professor Rebecca Lawthorn, Manchester Metropolitan University

Origins of Psychology NI: The evolution and impact of the science and practice of psychology in Northern Ireland

Professor Carol McGuinness, Queen’s University, Belfast

Bringing multisensory illusions to the public 

Dr Robert McIntosh, University of Edinburgh

2012 Public Engagement Grant Recipients

Development and evaluation of interactive exhibits promoting comparative psychology in a zoo environment.

Initially the project created interactive touch screen exhibits at two major zoos (Marwell and Edinburgh) next to primate enclosures. The exhibits are fun games tailored to relate to the monkey species in the zoo (chimpanzees at Edinburgh Zoo and Sulawesi crested macaque monkeys at Marwell Zoo).  One game allows visitors to directly compare their mental abilities with those of other primates by performing similar tasks. The other enables visitors to understand what life is like for a scientific researcher in the wild and the difficulties of operating in this environment.

Katie Slocombe University of York and Dr Bridget Waller, University of Portsmouth

The games are now available online.

Evolving the face of the criminal: production of science-centre exhibits

The exhibit called 'Eye Witness' will let visitors use the expert's EvoFit computer software in order to create a wanted poster for a criminal, just as real-life police officers would do.

Dr Charlie Frowd, University of Central Lancashire.

Autism and the criminal justice system

Dr Katie Maras, Royal Holloway, University of London, Susan Mulcahy, University of Liverpool, Dr Laura Crane, London South Bank University, Fran Davies, Autism Anglia, Dr Emily Phibbs, Chelmsford Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service.

Hurting to heal: exploring self-harm and recovery

This project aimed to create a short film dispelling myths about self-harm and encouraging better understanding.

Maria Naranjo, HarmLESS Psychotherapy, Edinburgh

Watch the film online.

Standards for psychological support for adults living with HIV

This project aimed to develop an easy-to-read version of the 2011 British Psychological Society, Medical Foundation for HIV & Sexual Health and British HIV Association's 'Standards for psychological support for adults living with HIV'.

Dr Joanne Burrell, BPS Division of Clinical Psychology’s Faculty of HIV and Sexual Health.

Access the easy-to-read version of 'Psychological support for adults living with HIV' here

2011 Public Engagement Grant Recipients

A permanent interactive exhibit within an award winning science centre (At-Bristol), to promote the psychology of appearance and stereotypes

This project aims to develop a novel computer-based exhibit that will be permanently available within the award-winning science centre (At-Bristol) to develop a permanent, interactive exhibit to promote the psychology of appearance. The exhibit will invite visitors to participate in an educational game that focuses on the nature and use of appearance-related stereo-types and demonstrates the role of psychology in understanding person perception and interaction.

Dr Diana Harcourt, University of the West of England

Communicating psychology to the public with expressive dance

This project will generate ten expressive dance videos vignettes depicting statistical concepts.

Lucy Irving, Middlesex University

Dr Carl Senior, Aston University

You can watch the short films here.

Web and physical resources for elite athletes with learning disabilities

To develop web and physical resources that explain why people with learning disabilities will be included in the Paralympics and how the systems of general eligibility and sports specific classification work for this group.

You can watch the video here.

Professor Jan Burns, Canterbury Christ Church University 

Website for the greatest (sport) psychological show on earth

This project, supported by the Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology, aims to create an evidence-based web resource of the psychological phenomena that will be seen in the Olympics and Paralymics by spectators. The website will cover all aspects of sport, from grassroots to elite and will include over a hundred topics.

You can visit the website here.

Professor David Lavallee (on behalf of the Division for Sport & Exercise Psychology) University of Stirling 

Demonstrating psychology experiments and tests at 2011 British Science Festival

In collaboration with the University of Bradford this project aims to run a large-scale psychology event at the 2011 British Science Festival. These will be a series of exciting psychology experiments and talks along with dissemination of information detailing their theoretical underpinnings. 

Ian Conyers, Independent Living Solutions Ltd 

2010 Public Engagement Grant Recipients

Content for an evidence-based website for family members and friends of people with psychosis

This project, in association with the Institute of Psychiatry, will create short filmed interviews of psychologists and other mental health professionals talking about different aspects of psychosis, treatment, care and support that relatives can give. These films will then be made available on the website. Catch up on news about this project.

Grant recipient - Elizabeth Kuipers
Grant amount - £7,500

Pedalling Psychology - Moving psychology beyond the syllabus and out of the lecture theatre

This project aims to engage with sixth form students in the South Wales/Mid Wales/Welsh borders on a range of environmental and health psychology-related topics, and bridge the gap between higher and pre-tertiary education. The grant recipients will be cycling between Cardiff and Worcester Universities over 5 days, visiting schools along the way to present a series of activities and teaching experiences.

Tim Jones & Paul Sander

Psychology Show for the Science Exhibition at the National Eisteddfod 2011

The Eisteddfod lasts for eight days and its Science Exhibition has historically drawn crowds in excess of 27,000. The funding will be used to purchase re-usable materials and equipment for the show, which will give attendees a deeper awareness of how psychologists study behaviour coordinating action, sensation and perception. The equipment, together with instructions on its use, will then be made available for other Society members to use. Catch up on news about this project.

Wynford Bellin

Men's Allotment Group: Meeting the mental health needs of men in Barking and Dagenham

This project, in conjunction with the Young at Heart Men’s Group, will establish an allotment project, open to all men within the borough of Barking & Dagenham, aimed at improving the mental health of isolated men who are at risk of depression and possible suicide. Additionally, the group will meet on a monthly basis to provide a forum for education and support over matters related to male health and well-being, as well as promoting social inclusion and skills development. Catch up on news about this project.

Victoria Winson

2009 Public Engagement Grant Recipients

Water efficiency and behaviour change masterclass

A masterclass for organisations responsible for promoting water efficiency, run in collaboration with Waterwise (NGO focussed on reducing water waste in the UK). During the masterclass, experts explained the psychological principles, gave some case studies showing how the principles have been successfully applied, and discussed with delegates the implications for their day-to-day work.
Held in early December 2009 at Defra’s offices, London. The first masterclass was over subscribed, and was so successful that a second was run in July 2010.

Kathryn Rathouse

Educational DVD to promote an online mental health resource for primary school aged children

Website developed in conjunction with primary school children will be promoted via a DVD aimed at parents and children. The DVD will contain information on how to use the site, how to make the puppets children will see on the site, and information on how to talk to children about their worries, together with ideas for further support. The DVD will be reusable throughout schools and will be both educational and promotional.

Sally Hodges

Provide the psychological dimension to a website for bereaved young people

In collaboration with the Child Bereavement Charity, a young people’s advisory group will be set up to seek views and opinions of young bereaved people. These views will then be used as a foundation to develop a resource for parents, carers and educational professionals to give them greater insight into the needs and experiences of young people affected by death.

Ann Rowland

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