Prospective candidates

Qualification in Health Psychology (Stage 2) (QHP (Stage 2)) - Information for prospective candidates

Am I eligible?

Candidates applying to enrol on the QHP (Stage 2) must hold the following:

  1. Graduate Membership of the Society with the Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC).
  2. Either a Society-accredited Masters programme in health psychology, or have completed the Qualification in Health Psychology (Stage 1) (now discontinued)

How do I apply?

The Regulations for the Society's Postgraduate Qualifications, QHP (Stage 2) Candidate Handbook and Study Guide for Independent Candidates guide applicants through the process of enrolling and completing the QHP (Stage 2).  The forms which need to be completed as part of the enrolment process are all available below.

You will need to have a Supervisor for the duration of your enrolment for the QHP (Stage 2).  Your supervisor will need to be a Chartered Psychologist with Full membership of the DHP and registered with the Health Professions Council as a Health Psychologist. They also need to undertake training specific to the role of QHP (Stage 2) supervisor and be entered on the Society’s Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors (RAPPS).  Once they have fulfilled all of these criteria, they will be approved in the role of Supervisor by the Chief Supervisor on behalf of the Health Psychology Qualifications Board. 

How do I find a Supervisor?

Please visit the Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors (RAPPS) webpage and look for Supervisors with Qualification in Health Psychology listed under their domain. 

Are there any exemptions?

If you believe you have already demonstrated some of the competences underpinning the QHP (Stage 2) in full or in part, you may apply for Accreditation of Existing Competence (AEC) in accordance with the procedures laid out in the Regulations and Candidate Handbook.  You will need to complete the AEC Form available below and provide appropriate supporting evidence.  You may base an application for AEC on any relevant postgraduate qualifications achieved or supervised experience gained since acquiring eligibility for the Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership and completing Stage 1 training in health psychology. 

For further details about applying for AEC please see the Candidate Handbook.

How do I enrol?

Your application to enrol needs to include the following:

Guidelines are available to help you with completing the enrolment form and the placement approval documentation.

In addition to the above you will also need to provide the following with your application to enrol:

  • Evidence of completion of Stage 1 training, e.g. your Masters certificate (either the original or an authenticated copy; by authenticated copy we mean a copy that has been stamped and signed by the issuing University or a Solicitor etc);
  • Copy of an Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau Disclosure (or Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) from Disclosure Scotland or an Access Northern Ireland Enhanced Disclosure) for your current appointment and dated within the last two years. If you do not currently hold an Enhanced CRB Disclosure then please contact our Membership Team on 0116 252 9911 who will be able to assist you;
  • Enrolment fee (and, if applicable, AEC fees).

Please ensure that you complete all forms in full and send all the necessary information to avoid delays in approving your application to enrol.

Once your application has been considered the Registrar/Chief Supervisor will write to you formally with the outcome.

What does taking the QHP (Stage 2) involve?

The total period of training, including time spent undertaking a Masters programme in health psychology combined with a subsequent period of supervised practice related to health psychology, must be a minimum of three years full time or the part time equivalent. All candidates will be required to complete a minimum of two years full-time (or the part-time equivalent) of supervised practice under an approved Supervisor.

Is there any guidance on preparing a Plan of Training?

The following guidelines will help you in preparing your Plan of Training.  Please ensure that you work closely with your supervisor in drawing up your Plan of Training. 

Some anonymised Plans of Training are also available below to assist you and your supervisor in preparing your Plan of Training.

How much does this cost?

Please see the QHP (Stage 2) Schedule of  Fees.

There may be additional fees for the QHP (Stage 2) that you may incur during your training and these should be considered whilst you are planning your training.

What else should I be aware of?

Prospective candidates should also be aware of the following documentation:

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