Online Experiment

Many sportsman have claimed that the period of time just before a sporting encounter starts can be very important in determining the result of the competition. This is because it is a time when we may seek to “size up” our opponents, form impressions of how ready and capable they are. The impressions that we form may then influence how we feel about the competition and our performance in that competition.

For this online, mass participation experiment, participants will be asked to walk in the footsteps of a judo player - a judoka - preparing for a bout and to see the world from their eyes. Each participant will view a series of video clips of pre-bout scene in judo and will see another player preparing to compete against them. Their task will be to provide their impressions of these opponents (for example, how nervous, intimidating and capable they look) and to rate how confident they would be of defeating their opponent in a judo bout.

The experiment is organised by gender. To participate, choose either:


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